CGIL calls for “attention and intervention” policy

A strong urge for policy to invest in the cultural and artistic production of the island by guaranteeing stable resources and funding, the one that emerged today during a conference in CGIL Sicily entitled “Living with monuments. Culture in places of beauty”. The artists and representatives of the island’s cultural institutions who participated emphasized the need for “security of resources to guarantee quality programming”.

Primarily need the theaters

“A need that primarily concerns theaters,” said Maurizio Rosso, head of the culture department at CGIL Sicily, “which we hope at national level that the three-year period of Fus will be over, to allow programming of activities in conditions of safety,” something that is not happening at the moment. ” But it was also the local and regional institutions that must guarantee secure funding and resources for the sector. For CG, art and culture are not only factors for social and civil growth, but also drivers of development and employment. Hence the idea of ​​a project that strengthens places, knowledge and craftsmanship. “The sector is experiencing a state of precariousness that needs to be overcome – Rosso said with funds and a project involving cultural institutions, universities, museums, academies, archeological parks. We – he stressed – we ask for the construction of a control room with the regional councils for culture, tourism, work and education, the mayors of big cities ”.

Sicily among the regions with the largest cultural heritage

As a first step, CGIL proposes a census of archeological sites, museums, stone theaters, monasteries, churches, monasteries, theaters, period buildings. “Of the enormous architectural and artistic heritage that Sicily possesses – Rosso pointed out -, 40 percent of the 60 percent of Italy’s heritage in relation to the world, and which can and must be restored if necessary, improved, relaunched host culture and cultural heritage. Artistic events. Let us also imagine, for example, he observed, all the activities of the conservatories and youth academies of dance and song in a large program of shows about the monuments of Sicily. as for CGIL “absolutely must be founded”. “Beauty and culture – said Rosso – would create the social, economic and employment growth in our region”. , catering, crafts.

Resources for digital

The large amount of resources that come to digital must also be managed “which is not a problem – observed Rosso – but it is the solution to overcome many of the problems that make ours today difficult and inefficient”. “Culture is also economics and work, we ask for an extraordinary and structural commitment from the region – said the Secretary General of CGIL Sicily, Alfio Mannino – able to set in motion processes of knowledge, development, civilization and work”. Sandro del Fattore, from the national CGIL, stressed the need for a national plan for culture by redefining priorities, programs and interventions. And at the same time “creating a system to optimize resources”. A new development in the sector, Del Fattore said, “must be based on respect for the people who work there, for whom real protection must be guaranteed”. The Superintendents of the Massimo Theater in Palermo, Marco Betta, from Brass Group Ignazio Garsia, the Director of the Biondo Theater Pamela Villoresi, attended the conference. In addition, the artists Claudio Collovà (director), Consuelo Lupo (actress); President Eight of Palermo Marina Di Gristina, Mayor of Palermo, Roberto Lagalla.

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