better to rent or buy?

In all offices, even small ones, there are at least a multifunction printer or a copier, and very often the presence of these devices constitutes an indispensable support for one’s work: for this reason, the choice of the ideal machine or machines should be considered as a starting point for any business.

Today the market offers a wide range of printing machines, copiers and multifunction devices, from which you can select the most suitable model to meet your personal and professional needs and preferences. However, consider the costs are certainly not insignificant due to the purchase of a printer, the ideal solution in most cases is that rent.

Contact a company that specializes in service of Copier rental in Milanis without a doubt the best choice that makes it possible not only to achieve a safe savingbut also to take advantage of a number of concessions and interesting benefits.

With a long experience and in-depth expertise in office printing systems, for over 50 years Reprographics proposes itself as the ideal partner for Lombard companies, and especially in the province of Varese, which wants to equip itself with a customized printing system to optimize workflows and at the same time get an interesting feedback also from the point of view financially.

Is it convenient to rent a multifunction machine? Let’s find out why

Rental of copiers or multifunction printers is a service that allows one monthly fee not overly cumbersome to equip his office with one or more latest generation machines, as one can choose from a large selection of those that can be the ideal models. The range includes copiers in color or black and white, laser printers in A3 and A4 format, as well multifunction machines must be installed on the network, with the option of printing, scanning and digital faxing.

The rental agreement provides a right of use of technical assistancemaintenance and replacement of spare parts, as well as delivery of consumables, by agreement stipulated in base the number of copies and prints made on a monthly basis.

Depending on the need, the rental period can last for more or less longer periods, even several years, with the advantage during this period that the existing machine is replaced. with a more performing model or equipped with various features, at no extra cost: an option that allows you to equip your office with a machine that is always modern and up-to-date.

Sometimes you may think that it is better to buy your favorite machine, but in reality, renting a modern and high-performance multifunction or copier represents best solution in practically all situations: for the small business or the professional studio, which avoids the cost of the purchase and at the same time can have a high-performance instrument, and for big companywhich can customize the service and request more machines by taking advantage of dedicated technical assistance.

A single monthly cost for a complete service

We have seen that the rental is without a doubt to prefer to buy, considering that a professional printer or copier has a significant cost. The monthly fee does not compromise on capital of a company, while in the case of a small office or a professional activity, it allows the use of a sophisticated machine without the need for large expenses.

It is true that the rental photocopier does not represent a property, but it is important to take into account that it does not involve an obligation to bear the maintenance and repair costs, in addition to the benefit of always having it available. the consumable.

Characteristics of the rental service for copiers and multifunction machines

A strong side of copier and printer rental is without a doubt the possibility customize the service according to specific needs. The investment consists solely of payment of one monthly feecalculated based on what are the actual needs which include, in addition to supply of consumables and spare parts, including technical assistance, periodic maintenance service and remote control.

With opportunity, as we have said, for replace the machine rented with a more modern model and equipped with extra features.

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