At the Regional Museum conference “Adolfo Celi: a Messina myth to be rediscovered”

Solidarity, entertainment but also culture and insight into the man and artist Adolfo Celi in the memorial dedicated to him by Cirs, which takes place on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth d. June 29 and 30 next to the Regional Museum of Messina. The 29th starting at 18.30 the conference will be held “Adolfo Celi: a Messina myth to be rediscovered” and to follow the projection of the documentary “Adolfo Celi, a man for two cultures”directed by his son Leonardo.

The cultural event will be introduced by the film reviewer Nino Genovese and will see the artist’s children as speakers Leonardo, who will focus on his father’s career, and Alexandra, which will tell about the human aspect of Adolfo Celi and his relationship with Messina. Manager Christian Bisceglia instead, he will tell the actor as a TV star, given the famous series from the 70s, including Sandokan and The Bitter Case of the Baroness of Carini, who saw him as the main character. The teacher Giovanna Messina, head teacher of Liceo Bisazza, will instead talk about the possibility of introducing profound scholastic paths to the character of Adolfo Celi, who in his career has also interpreted characters taken from novels, and start a study of film techniques that may involve students and get to appreciate the artist from Messina also to the younger generations. The journalist moderated the meeting Lucio Di Mauro.

Immediately after the meeting, the public will have the opportunity to watch the documentary “Adolfo Celi, a Man for Two Cultures”, by Leonardo Celi. It is a work that aims to reconstruct the influence the actor had both in Italy and in Brazil, the two countries he lived in, through authoritative testimony. Celi is still considered one of the most important directors in Brazil: he was responsible for defining new standards for theater, film and television experiments, which were in its infancy at the time.

The actor’s relationship with the South American country will also be discussed 30th of June to the big gala that takes place starting at 20.30 always at MuMe. In fact, the Italian consul added to Brazil will intervene online during the evening Livia Satullo, which will testify to the deep attachment to Adolfo Celi on the part of the Brazilian people. During the gala, the Adolfo Celi Awards will also be given to the actors Emanuele Salce and Katia Greco, and the screenwriter Mario Falcone. The president of the film production company Cinemaset will also be awarded Antonio Chiaramonte and the president of the Anti-Mafia and Legality Association Enzo Guarnerafor their contribution to the spread of films against violence.

During the evening, the winners of the short competition on the theme of gender-based violence proclaimed by Cirs will also be announced, and the “Solidarity-Cirs Awards” will be presented to individuals who have distinguished themselves for their service spirit and social commitment. .

The rich program for the event will also embrace the theater, with some dialogues taken from films by Adolfo Celi proposed by the company “Salvis Iuribus” of the Bar Association.

Before the start of the show there will be a refreshment tasting arranged by Assopanificatori by Confesercenti Messina, in collaboration with IIS Antonello.

During the live show, directed by the journalist Marika Micalizzi with Messina professionals Massimo Russotti and Alfredo Catarsini, a musical moment of high artistic and social value. The orchestra of the Giostra district of Messina, which has always been considered one of the most vulnerable in the city, founded by the young Giuseppe Lo Presti, will be conducted with the extraordinary participation of maestro Francesco Attardi. The musical space will be completed by the performances of singer-songwriter Tony Canto, Glorius4 and Quarto Canale.

The event aims to raise money for women in a state of discomfort, guests from Cirs, to whom all proceeds from the event will be allocated. To book invitations you can call Cirs on 090.40820.

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