Ancorotti Cosmetics, a new exhibition center dedicated to typewriters

The new exhibition center dedicated to typewriters opens on Tuesday 28 June at 17.00 at the former Olivetti factory in via dell’Industria 22 in Crema, which today houses the headquarters of Ancorotti Cosmetics.

A project born out of the public-private partnership under the auspices of Rotary Club Crema, which first enabled the inauguration of the new exhibition space dedicated to typewriters at the Civic Museum of Crema and Cremasco, and now this new realization at Ancorotti Cosmetics: two cultural poles in dialogue together.

Eleven examples of Everest and Olivetti typewriters on display, from the iconic M40 first series from the 1930s to the fiery Valentine model – passing through authentic gemstones, such as the limited edition of the classic Lettera 35 made for the 1990s Italian World Cup . And Multisumma enriches the collection 20, automatic writing electromechanical multiplier.

Of great interest is also the small monographic library about Adriano Olivetti, which consists of about a hundred titles and a selection of video material ranging from period commercials to thematic documentaries. The room, which can be visited on request, aims to strengthen the cultural heritage generated by one

of the main production units in Cremasco, offering an intimate environment where you can rediscover the past of a factory that has written the history of Italian industry and that has given so much to our community in terms of well-being, employment and business culture.

Extremely significant, therefore, is the location of this second exhibition at the cosmetics company Cremasca, founded by Renato Ancorotti and his daughter Enrica in 2009. In fact, Ancorotti Cosmetics has recently acquired and restored what has been a “city wound” for decades. At 30,000 m2 in the heart of our city. The building, designed in the 1960s by world-famous architects Marco Zanuso and Renzo Piano, returned to new life in 2019 thanks to the intervention of industrial archeology led by the architect. Marco Ermentini. The project was presented at the Venice Biennale and received a mention at the 11th edition of the Dedalo Minosse International Prize for the category of “restoration of the existing”.

For this reason, it was here that it was chosen to dedicate a space museum to the history of an industrial center which, together with the Serio-Everest factory, which Olivetti in 1969, at the peak of production acquired by fusion, had even come. to occupy 10% of the Cremasca population.

“With the inauguration of this second exhibition held in the former Olivetti factory today,” said Ancorotti Cosmetics – says Rotary President Crema Antonio Agazzi – the project was conceived and created to ‘bring back to the surface’ a segment of the country’s industrial, economic and social history is completed and of our territory.The Rotary Club of Crema is proud of a certain important service which it has been able to realize thanks to the synergy and contributions of the municipality of Crema, Ancorotti Cosmetics, the popular Crema Association for the territory, the mechanical workshop F.lli Aramini srl. It is very significant that some valuable examples of Olivetti typewriters, through the formula of the loan to use, find a location and be made visible at the place where the Ivrea-based company had its headquarters in Crema for a long time. For this, I am particularly grateful to Renato Ancorotti, a senior member of the Rotary Club Crema, for his commitment to the operation, not only from an economic point of view but also from a logistical point of view. Never as in this case can we in an absolutely non-rhetorical way confirm that memory also assumes the value of stimulating future generations to emulate those who have been able to contribute to national and international technological development ».

“I thank President Antonio Agazzi and the entire Rotary Club Crema for the initiative, and of course the municipality of Crema, who made all this possible – declares Renato Ancorotti – The extraordinary synergy with Mayor Stefania Bonaldi and the head of cultural services Francesca Moruzzi has made it possible to realize a project that pays homage to an industrial past of great value. As an entrepreneur, I have always regarded Adriano Olivetti as a mentor who draws inspiration from his teachings. One above all can be summed up in his words “I think the factory for the man , not the man of the factory “. Together with all those who have contributed to this enterprise, we have restored the dignity of this establishment in full Oliventian spirit, that is, by uniting its conception of the factory as a place where” beauty shines forth. This means boosting technological progress, promoting territorial development, guaranteeing the safety and well-being of workers, respecting the environment and safeguarding our culture. . A precious legacy that I am honored to be able to celebrate today with the inauguration of this exhibition ».

Mayor Stefania Bonaldi emphasizes that “creating an exhibition space for Olivetti machines at Ancorotti Cosmetics is an excellent and meaningful intuition. On the one hand, because it creates a link to an important piece of industrial history that hosted an Olivetti factory on the site, today wisely and respectfully qualified. On the other hand, because it is cohesive, it creates the ideal extension, with the exhibition recently inaugurated at the Civic Museum of Crema and Cremasco, which with a similar presentation also gives merit to a luminous industrial testimony that we also have here had the opportunity to know and appreciate. I sincerely thank Rotary Crema and Renato Ancorotti, founding partners and engines of this valued and admirable initiative.

Report by Sabrina Grilli

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