4 guided tours in Naples: what to do on the weekend of June 24-26, 2022

Always many guided tours in Naples and throughout Campania with many interesting events, mostly outdoors, to discover, with experts, the most beautiful places in our country

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Also for this weekend from 24 to 26 June 2022 there will be secure guided tours in places most beautiful of Naples and Campania, with guided walks that will introduce us to the most special and extraordinary places in the city and its magnificent surroundings. Events are proposed by associations that have been working in the field for years and who use good guides and art historians to accompany us to the most beautiful places in our country.

Always ask for information on the specific measures that will be used to comply with the emergency regulations and order at the telephone numbers provided by the associations to get more details on what they are proposing. Have a nice weekend everyone

Every day – A cool underground journey in the historic center of Naples

Ph Lapis Museum

These days, the anticyclone Scipio has caused temperatures to rise dramatically. However, not many people know that the temperature on the LAPIS Museum’s underground path is constant, and it is always the same regardless of the surrounding climate. The temperature in these cavities, tunnels and cisterns is about 20 degrees. A completely natural air conditioner, which gives the visitor a feeling of refreshing well-being, which allows a visit to the Water Museum in the right spirit. In these environments, where it is possible to hear the gurgling of streams and the colors that animate the ancient Greco-Roman cisternswhich instead shows how these environments were incorporated into the extraordinary engineering work that led to the birth ofRoman aqueduct. There is no shortage of sophisticated technologies that enrich the trail and contribute to the history of the city, starting with an evocative lighting system that through play of light and color emphasizes the volume and vaults of these environments that pass through the water and streams created. ad hoc from ABC Napoli, a Neapolitan water company that collaborated on this futuristic project. Made easier by installing the first one archaeological liftleading to a depth of 35 meters, the route includes the enchanting Hall of the Moonwith a surprising perennial full moon reminiscent of Diana, the goddess of the moon, on whose remains, according to some studies, the early Christian basilica and the monumental Complex baroque that appears to us today. Continue to the rooms in Immersed Decumanus, those used in the 1940s as shelters for air strikes, and which today bear witness to an important aspect of the city’s history. Thanks to an immersive multimedia installation, visitors can listen to Gennaro and Michelina, as in The space of the storiesexplain what life was like in the shelters, to end in Bomberum with the vivid historical re-enactment of the bombing raids between the enemy’s armed forces and the allies leading to freedom, with an extraordinary signal of hope announced by a voice known by the Italians.

The event is organized by Lapis Museum to which you can ask for all the information about the event and about the measures taken to comply with the rules of the emergency.

  • Appointment: every day – open from 10:00 to 20:00 Guided tours 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Reservations are recommended for weekends, holidays and long weekends.
  • Contribution: Full ticket 10 euros for guided group visits. Possible discounts for families, groups and other discounts
  • Organization: Lapis Museum Reservations recommended – Comfortable shoes and a shrug are recommended for the cavities – info and reservations +39 081 192 30 565 – Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 14.00 (WhatsApp service is always active) info@lapismuseum.com Lapis Museum
  • More information: Water Museum and Underground Decumanus

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June – Free visit to Villa Rustica Caius Olius Ampliatus in Barra

Villa Rustica Caius Olius Ampliatus i Barra in Naples is an old Roman farmhouse, which was excavated during the construction of the residential areas after the earthquake in 1980. The visit consists of i.a. by discovering the remains of this ancient villa became famous for the discovery of a man of the time who had searched in vain in the cellar of the wine press and brought some furniture and valuables, including a ring gold, from which the name Caius Olius Ampliatus is taken. The free visit is curated by Marco Ferruzzi and Nicoletta de Vita from BEst, the best from East Naples in collaboration with the Rotary Community Crop of East Naples and will last about an hour. We recommend clothes suitable for the visit with comfortable hiking shoes and a hat to protect you from the sun. The entrance to the villa is on Via della Villa Romana on the border of the Ponticelli district (Zona Lotto Zero)

The event is organized by BEST, the best from East Naples to which you can ask for all the information about the event and about the measures taken to comply with the rules of the emergency.

  • Appointment: kl. 5.30 pm at the entrance to Via della Villa Romana on the border of the Ponticelli district (Lotto Zero area)
  • Contribution: free visit
  • Organization: BEST, the best from East Naples For info and reservation: nikydevita@gmail.com
  • More information: Official site BEST, the best from East Naples

Saturday, June 25 – It buried Neapolis

Below Piazza San Gaetano, an ancient Greek agora and Roman forum, between the busy streets of Via San Gregorio Armeno and via the Tribunali lives ancient Neapolis, la Neapolis buried A truly incredible place that allows us to know the great history of Naples. The excavations are located below Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggioreamong the oldest in Naples, an extraordinary church from 1200, the Norman period, founded by Charles of Anjou and built over the remaining of the ancient Greco-Roman settlement An underground Naples where you can clearly see superposition of three different epochs which is one of the most incredible treasures present in the heart of Decumani in Naples. A beautiful area of ​​San Gregorio Armeno with many wonders to discover.

The event is organized by Megaride art to which you can ask for all the information about the event and about the measures taken to comply with the rules of the emergency.

  • Appointment: – 10.00 via Tribunali Piazza San Gaetano in front of the church of San Lorenzo Maggiore ends 12.30 – 12.25 approx.
  • Contribution: 12 euro pr. person + 9 euros entrance ticket to the complex
  • Organization: Megaride art– Reservations required 348 114 9647 welcome via email info@megarideart.com
  • More information: Official Megaride Art page

Sunday, June 26 – From Petraio to the Spanish Quarter, guided walk

Ascent of Petraio effe pad

© Fulvio Padulano – effepad (instagram)

That of Petraio is a special walk through the panoramic alleys that lead from Vomero directly to the center of Naples. A unique place where you can admire the city from above. Beautiful views, “vasci”, flowered balconies, vineyards, citrus groves and famous Art Nouveau houses. The descent of Petraio is an old road connecting the Vomero hill with the Corso Vittorio Emanuele and together with the Pedamentina di San Martino, in Calata San Francesco (via Aniello Falcone) and many other small and steep streets, it represents one of the most interesting tourist routes or simply pleasant walks. We will go into Spanish Quarter to see some street art works up close, inclusive famous mural of Maradona.

The event is curated by HOTC – The heart of the city to which you can ask for all the information about the event and about the measures taken to comply with the rules of the emergency.

  • Appointment: 17.45 at the cable car Via Morghen exit. Duration: approx. 2 hours
  • Contribution: € 10 / reduced from 12 to 17 years 5 € / greatly reduced from 8 to 11 years 3 € / up to 7 years free – Tour suitable for all ages with radio support in connection with the guide
  • Organization: HOTC – The heart of the city – Requires reservations and information info@heartofthecity.it – ​​tel / sms / whatsapp: 3770994320
  • More information: Official site HOTC – The heart of the city

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