Virtual Reality Bus, the first virtual tour in motion to discover ancient Rome in 3D. Photo and video

ROME – Invisible citiesinnovative start-up created by Arsenal 23 with the support of Linkem, made Virtual Reality Bus, a bus, which starts from June 23, allows you to discover Imperial Rome 2000 years ago.

It is a adventure trip, -one breathtaking tour of the Eternal City between the Imperial Forums, the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, the Circus Maximus and the Theater of Marcelluswith a 3D immersion thanks to the special “visor-free” VR technology. All reconstructions of the architecture are used directly on the OLED screens superimposed on the bus windows, and a system of motorized curtains allows you to admire the beauties of today and compare them with those of the past.

The project, presented today by the Mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieriby the Capitol Cultural Council, Miguel Gotor, and CEO of Invisible Cities, Giorgio Capaciwas created by the best visual effects specialists in Italy under the supervision of archaeological curators.

A project carried out with respect for the environment

The VR bus is fully electric respect and care for the environment. Small in size and quiet, it has an average speed similar to a scooter, making it an icon for the future of a trip in the city. With 16 seats available (two of which are reserved for companions) and a journey time of approximately 20 minutes, the VR bus represents one of the most avant-garde expressions of the marketing of the future, exploiting the potential of the digital world, Mixed Reality and ‘edutainment, to offer a 4E experience: Commitment, Education, Exclusivity and Emotion.

The VrBus project – he said Mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, will allow visitors to literally immerse themselves in the history of Rome. A modern and unique initiative that we support to tell the millennial history of the capital in a new form that is able to further attract the public as well as to involve the Romans in a journey to discover Rome’s past. In addition – Gualtieri concluded – we do it in the name of sustainability, as the bus used for the service is a completely electric vehicle that respects the environment and takes care of the surrounding places. “

“Invisible Cities has revolutionized the world of virtual content use by creating a means that opens new horizons for edutainment, tourism marketing and the enhancement of the Italian archaeological, historical and artistic heritage” – declared the president of Invisible City Ernesto Faraco. – “This is the first Virtual Reality Bus, thanks to which people can immerse themselves in the story in the first person and share the experience collectively without the need for VR viewers or other portable devices. Soon we look forward to other VR buses, not only in Rome, with new stages of a wonderful adventure, whose ultimate goal is to change the way we live and learn the history of our cities, hybridize education and entertainment and bring generations of the future to our wonderful past.Being present also means this: rediscovering our ‘heritage’ based on millennial history, take the best out of it, reinterpret it and take it into the future “- Faraco concluded.

For more information

060608 (every day from 9.00 to 19.00);

Promoted by Roman culture, Capitoline Superintendence for Cultural Heritage in cooperation with Colosseum Archaeological Park and with organizational support from Zètema kulturprojektthe exhibition “Imperial Rome – Virtual Reality Bus” will be active every day from 16.20 to 19.40 (last trip), at the expense of 15 euros (reduced to 10 euros with the MIC card)starting from Piazza della Madonna di Loreto (Via dei Fori Imperiali).

The road, lasting 30 minutescan be used in Italian and English.

Tickets can be purchased directly at the ticket office near the Pillar of Trajan (Fori Imperiali) or online at the website

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