Trump’s mud machine: threats and pressure to overthrow the vote

A painting by Fr.political uprisings, intimidation and threats of former US President Donald Trump and his loyal circle, which has created a fertile climate for extremists and radicals culminating inattack on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021. That is what the hearings on the attack on the US capital show. Dredging methods are reported from testimonies from local governors and officials.

This is the case with Georgia where Trump had asked the Secretary of State to find 12,000 votes for him, and Arizona, where Republican Rusty Bowers refused to convene the assembly to invalidate the vote. Both reported threats that came online and in person from supporters of the former president.

“Find me 12 thousand votes”

One of the witnesses was Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, which Trump asked to find enough votes to overturn the state’s election result, accusing Democrats of fraud without evidence. Trump had talked about further ten thousand voters already died. In fact, the Secretary of State talked about only four cases came out of the controls. The accusation made by Trump’s lawyer, Rudolf Giuliani, who allegedly saw 66,000 minors in the poll, is completely false.

The Georgian foreign minister said that after these incidents, his wife received sexual threats and that his mobile number and email address had been placed on the internet.

Meanwhile, Gabriel Sterling, the man tasked with implementing the voting system in Georgia’s 2020 election, explained how election operators were threatened in the wake of the vote.

QAnons role

Sterling said he was outraged when he found out that a contractor working for Dominion Systems, the company that makes counters, had received death threats from QAnon supporters.

The witness recalled receiving a phone call from Dominion Systems’ project manager: He told him that one of his voice operators had been threatened in a video posted by QAnon supporters.

After the phone call, Sterling said he searched Twitter and found the name of the contractor, accused of treason: “It was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” Sterling said, holding a press conference in December, a month after the election. , in which had warned that Trump’s allegations could lead to violence.

A ruined life

Another victim of Trump’s allegations also attended Tuesday’s hearing, Shaye Moss, a worker who had worked at the polling station in Georgia. The woman reviewed a real one wave of harassment which she faced after being hit by Trump and his allies.

Moss and his mother, Ruby Freeman, also a voting assistant, were accused by the president of having no evidence. pillaged with ballot papers to favor Biden election night.

Both women received death threats and racist slander on Facebook.

“Many wanted me dead, told me I would end up in jail with my mother and said things like ‘be happy, it’s 2020 and not 1920’,” Moss recalled.

During the session, a video of Freeman’s taped testimony was shown, in which she said she saw her reputation tarnished by Trump’s baseless allegations and had to move home after the election after the FBI told her it would not be safe at least until Biden joined in January 2021.

Freeman stressed that he does not feel safe anywhere today.

“Tragic parody”

The same methods have been reported by head of the elected Republicans of Arizona, Rusty Bowers, which denied the presence of any form of fraud. He, too, refused to convene the assembly to invalidate the vote.

He also called the “false” allegations fromlawyer for the former president, Rudy Giulianiwho talked about “hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and thousands of dead people voting” on Joe Biden.

Despite several requests, Bower said he had “never” seen the evidence for the allegations, citing a conversation he had with the former New York mayor.

“He said: ‘We have many theories, but we have no evidence‘. And I do not know if it was a forgery.

Bowers refused to convene the local assembly to invalidate the vote and replace the big voters responsible for confirming the outcome of the vote with Trump supporters. In the U.S. electoral system, these voters determine the winner of the election in their states.

After his refusal, he was inundated with “more than 20,000 emails and tens of thousands of phone calls and messages” as protesters, some of them threatening, gathered in front of his home to insult him, he said with tears in his eyes.

A deliberate plan

Trump’s legal team pushed his plan forward. Trump supporters, elected as parallel voters in key states won by Joe Biden, had toppled the election result with fake certificates. But the vice president Mike Pencewho led the vote, opposed pressure from the White House to declare Donald Trump the winner.

“I thought it was a tragic parody,” commented Rusty Bowers, who voted for the billionaire in 2016 and would support him in 2020.

“Numbers are numbers, and we could not count the votes again because we made sure to verify all the allegations,” Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger told the committee Tuesday.

“No cards were found, the number was corrected and certified,” he stressed.

The next steps in the study

For more than a year, the commission – consisting of seven Democrats and two Republicans – has heard more than a thousand witnesses, including two sons of the former president, shed light on Donald Trump’s actions before, during and after the attack. January 6

The commission’s fifth hearing will be held on Thursday and will cover the president’s efforts to pressure the Ministry of Justice to retain power.

Donald Trump, who never admitted defeat in the presidential election on Tuesday, he condemned on social networks “political thugs who have criminalized justice at a level never seen before in our country”.

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