“Transitoria” on the Exhibition of Electronic Microsculptures by Caterina Nanni Eventi in Rimini

Friday, July 24 at 18 opens the exhibition of Caterina Nanni’s electronic micro-sculptures entitled “Transitorie” at the court in the Gambalunga library. The purpose of the exhibition is to connect the different languages ​​for communication and creativity, and to propose an idea for a library where, in addition to reading and studies, there is room for cultural production and artistic creativity. Offer opportunities for public visibility and the need for young talent with the aim of enriching and diversifying the library’s cultural offerings. Connects young artists and young readers by creating a fruitful dialogue inspired by innovation and creativity. “Transitorie” is a new exhibition event, based on an unusual combination of figurative sculpture and verbal play, which can be visited in the suggestive courtyard of Palazzo Gambalunga until 31 August 2022. Under the foyer are the sculptures of Caterina Nanni, taken from assembly, will actually be exhibited by tiny recycled electronic components, with new titles awarded by Stefano Tonti – graphic designer, but for the occasion “copywriter” – already author of the environmental graphics at the library and for the installation ‘Scopertine typografiche’, still visible in the same courtyard as “Transistorie “places itself on a line of continuity with, this time applying its basic logic to sculpture. The small works by Caterina Nanni, which are already strongly characterized in the narrative sense by evocative poses and descriptive details, are thus enriched through the new titles with additional suggestions and references that jump between the represented topics, the components used for their ‘construction ‘. , and the puns, the ambivalence of the terms, the verbal distortions reminiscent of the world of circuits and electronics, and which do not fail to arouse smiles and amazement in the observer. It is precisely this attitude to play that unites the two artists despite the diversity of language and media. Both enjoy surprising through creativity and imagination, putting together irrelevant elements, separating and reassembling parts, throwing material from the ordinary to the extraordinary, giving shape to brilliant insights that cross the works and evoke new stories. The exhibition will be open for free admission during the library’s opening hours (Monday to Friday 8-19, Saturday 8-13, closed Sunday and public holidays; from 18 July: Monday to Saturday 8-13)
Caterina Nanni is an autodidact artist who creates her works in collection with recycled materials (especially electronic waste). The ethics of restoration is applied in an aesthetic direction that enhances the potential of the rediscovered forms and aims at the same time at the expressive reproduction of the whole and a special attention to detail.
He began exhibiting in 2017 in solo and group exhibitions, participating in events and festivals, sometimes in collaboration with artists dedicated to electronic music experimentation, photography, poetry and performance.
His artistic output includes both sculptures and two-dimensional works, all figurative and small in size, made by collecting recycled materials of various origins: tiny electronic and mechanical components of devices that no longer work, pieces assembled on the street, objects forgotten in drawers.
Stefano Tonti, graphic designer, after several years spent in Barcelona and Milan as an assistant to Italo Lupi, lives and works in Rimini, mainly for artistic and cultural institutions and events.
His graphic image for the Municipal Theater in Rimini and for the Ilaria Alpi International Journalistic Prize has been selected for two editions of the Compasso d’Oro Prize, and his works are exhibited at biennials in Brno, Sofia and Tehran at the Museum of the Manifesto in Hoorn ( Holland), the Museum of Contemporary Art in Istanbul, the Industrial Design Center in Beijing, the MACRO Museum in Rome, the Krasniy October Cultural Center in Moscow, the Academy of Fine Arts in San Francisco, the Taiwan Design Center, MACRO in Rome and the Triennial in Milan, and publications on websites, books and magazines in Italy and abroad. After serving as Secretary General for the three-year period 2015-2018, he is currently Secretary of the College of Arbitrators in Aiap, the Italian association of visual communication designs.

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