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TOG Fundsis a non-profit organization in Milan that has set up a Center of Excellence for the rehabilitation of children affected by complex neurological pathologies; for the purpose of meeting a real need. We participate in the concert, we assert our presence, passion and desire to participate. We can still find the TRAIN in Viale Famagosta, 75 20142 Milan (MI) T. (+39) 02 36708900; F. (+39) 02 36708924 AND. Takes responsibility

TOG Funds

Children entering the TOG center are affected by major lesions of the nervous system; or of genetic origin, developed in intrauterine life or as a result of neonatal trauma. In the Western world, many children are born with these pathologies. We are talking about 1 in every 4000 from Fragile X Syndrome; 1 in 1,000 with Down Syndrome. These children have motor, cognitive, behavioral, and communication deficiencies, but there are those who face this mountain to climb.

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After diagnosis, they need rehabilitation, which is often the only effective treatment and “highly targeted rehabilitation”. It is therefore a very complex rehabilitation; because it must be able tofaces complex and interconnected difficulties. Furthermore, in order to affect the child’s life, the rehabilitation must take place in a timely manner, so as not to lose the biological developmental stages, and must be adequate, qualitative and quantitative.

Disabled children

TOG aims to treat their young patients by offering them and their families tools to improve opportunities and quality of life. Children with these pathologies do not recover, but they can improve a lot. TOG offers individual and personal neurological rehabilitation programs Children suffering from central nervous system injuries need complex rehabilitation, that take into account many aspects, from the context in which they live, to the potential they have, as well as their deficit.

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Each patient is evaluated and included in a rehabilitation program specifically designed for him. The care of young patients also goes and above all from attention to everything around them, to the family, to their loved ones, to everyday life. It is important that there is an alliance with the young patients’ teachers, so that even the school setting and the didactic path take into account the difficulties and raise the potential.

Personal physiotherapy

After diagnosis, they need rehabilitation, which is often the only effective cure. Psychomotor therapy is used for children who are severely compromised in terms of relationships and motor sense, but with which classical psychological approaches can not be applied. Personal physiotherapy is necessary, which aims to promote the reception of environmental incentives; as well as developing positions that facilitate the learning of specific gestures and movements. Speech therapy and language re-education must follow a long and complex process.

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Music therapy is also used as a tool to bring out the creative potential in the child. The use of music facilitates communication, relationships; learning, motor skills, self-expression. The child who perceives music as a stimulating element is able to express himself through gesturesthe sound, the gaze, which helps him to relate to what is around him.

TOG foundation neuro-cognitive rehabilitation

There are several dynamic neurocognitive rehabilitation techniques. TOG has in particular developed excellent skills in using the Feuerstein method. “The person in difficulty can be helped to manifest his intellectual potential (whatever it is) through the mediation of another human being”. Such are the words of Professor Feuerstein, whose method boasts a long experience of treating children with mental retardation. The use of the method allows these children to express their subjective intellectual value, that is, their cognitive potential. So meet in Milan or let’s get connected, but let’s join, let’s donate for what we can.

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