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A tribute to one of the most famous and beloved authors of children’s books with “Rodari … for the summer / The journey to the holiday country with Gianni Rodari” of Teatro del Segnowith dramaturgy of Alessandra Leo And Stefano Leddaalso protagonists on stage on the tones of double bass of Federica José Are, Thursday, June 23 at 5 p.m. TsE of via Quintino Sella in the heart of Er Mirrionis to Cagliari. Between fairy tales and nursery rhymes, the two artists will lead the very young spectators into the author, educator and poet’s colorful and poetic universe, the author, educator and poet, the inventor of “Fantasy Grammar” in the penultimate agreement with the review “Theater and Jam“2022, dedicated to girls and boys and families, organized by Teatro del Segno with the artistic direction of Stefano Ledda and is part of the multi-year project Teatro Senza Quartiere / for a district without theater (2017 – 2026).

The play focuses on two funny characters, played by the two actors, who are confronted with some of the most famous works from Gianni Rodari – from “The book of errors” to “Nursery rhymes in heaven and on earth” that go through “Tales on the phone” – and that as two modern clowns who bring to the stage «the eternal game for the wise and the foolish, for the skilled and the foolish“You will read and revive the stories”involves the public… stumble, sing and mime »to restore the immediacy and freshness of these wonderful stories in verse and prose. A “theme” animation show for the hottest season, to rediscover the short adventures that are born “from the occasional clash between two words, from misspellings, from puns …“Such as” The Ice Palace “and the fairy tales of Alice Cascherina who once”he went to the sea, fell in love with it and never wanted to get out of the water“And the lovely nursery rhymes that, through the play of the rhymes and in a language accessible to the little ones, talk about important topics like justice and freedom … and remind us to”it would be a feast for the whole earth to make peace before the war“.

“Rodari … per l’Estate”, therefore to immerse yourself in the carefree atmosphere of the holiday and enjoy the pleasure of reading: an invitation to (re) flip through the texts that have enchanted entire generations, and that through the logic of children and the power of imagination offer an innocent and pure view of reality, highlight paradoxes and contradictions and try to design a better future. The girls and boys become the main characters, along with the actors, in this itinerary to the sound of music between trolley buses and trains … full of nursery rhymes where it is possible to hold “The Moon on a Leash” and learn “The Colors of Craft”, but also try to tell “The Inverted Fairy Tales” and discover how “The Harlequin’s Dress” was born. A fun and engaging show that teaches us to see and analyze what is happening or what is happening around us without being overly influenced by mental patterns and prejudices, and which reminds us that sometimes we can (and should ) break the rules to create new ones: as he claimed. Gianni Rodari, often «the errors are not in words, but in things; we must correct the dictates, but above all we must correct the world“An invitation for young and old to think for themselves and practice”the art of inventing stories»: The imagination serves everyone – Rodari explains in his” Grammar “-«not because everyone is an artist, but because no one is a slave“.

The “Theater and Jam” review in 2022 ends Thursday, June 30th at 17 with “Banned … a Sardinian adventure” from South Amphitheater with text and direction by Susanna Mameli freely inspired by the figure Paska Devaddis: in the spotlight Claudia Giua, Silvia Bandini And Daniele Pettinau they evoke a story of bloody vendettas, suspicions and accusations, judgments and long-running refugees against the backdrop of “a country as ancient and magical as Sardinia”. Between history and legend, the life of the young Orgolan girl who is forced to seek refuge in the mountains and forests of Barbagia is intertwined with the lives of the other bandits until her tragic and premature end: according to Aranté and Brebé, two Janas, “fairies “of tradition Sardinian, which” guards the keys of communication between the world of the living and the dead “. An unprecedented portrait of a woman, to a modern epic centered on a proud and brave heroine, the victim of a cruel fate.

Tickets: as much as € 5, reduced € 4 (residents of the Is Mirrionis district / under 25 / over 65 / CeDAC subscribers).

Info and reservations: cell. 351.6862271 (also WhatsApp) – e-mail:

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