The school reform, the news: what changes with the approved maxi change (PDF)

Reform of schoolthe Constitutional and Education Commissions approved one maximum change to PNRR Decree 2 which contains very important changes to the school package in Decree N. 36. Now the text will proceed to the examination of Senateto then return to the Chamber: taking into account that the decree must be converted into law by 29 June, the text will arrive in the ‘armored’ chamber, ie without the possibility of making any further changes.

School reform, the news comes after the approval of the maxi change to the PNRR 2 decree

Compared to the original text, there are some significant changes. In particular, let’s see what changes.


THAT competitions will happen on the basis of a written test with several open-ended questions (eliminated, hence the cross-examinations) with the aim of establishing the candidate’s knowledge and skills about the discipline of the competition class or type of place in which he participates, as well as about the methods and techniques of general and disciplinary teaching, in information technology and in the English language.

Within 30 days of the convening of each selection procedure, until 31 December 2024, by decree of the President of the Council of Ministers, on a proposal from the Minister of Education, access to the written test may be reserved for those who pass a preselective test.
There oral examination will, in addition to professional knowledge, verify didactic skills and teaching abilities also through a specific test.

Competitions, appropriate entry in the merit rankings

That locations of regular competitions, also with regard to upper secondary school, shall be integrated within the framework of the expenditure permits provided for in current legislation and in accordance with the authorization scheme, with candidates who have been found suitable to have reached or exceeded the minimum score in accordance with para. of Article 59 of Legislative Decree No 73 of 2021.

Insecure teachers with at least 3 years of employment

Participation in competitions for common places and ITP, it is in any case allowed for those who, always without prejudice to possessing the necessary qualifications with reference to cdc, have completed, within the deadline for submitting applications for participation in the competition itself. , a service of at least 3 yearsalthough not continuously, of which at least one in the specific CDC or type of position being competed for, in the previous 5 years, assessed in accordance with Article 11 (2). 14 of Act no. 124 of 3 May 1999 The service must be performed at state educational institutions.

Transition phase

Without prejudice to the possession of the necessary qualification with reference to the competition class, those who have obtained at least 31 December 2024, by 31 December 2024 30 CFU / CFA however, they are allowed to participate competition for common places from professor from high school of I and II degree and for places ITP, provided that part of the CFU / CFA is direct internship. The winners of the competition must subsequently obtain the extra credits. Furthermore, those who have achieved the 24 CFU / CFA required by 31 October 2022 as a requirement for entry into the competition, according to the previous system, are also admitted to participate, always until 31 December 2024.


Access to the competition is linked to the achievement ofpedagogical qualification which is achieved through a university and academic path of at least 60 CFU / CFA with passing a final exam scheduled at the end of the course. The introductory training courses end with a final exam including a written test and a simulated lesson. The written test consists of a critical analysis regarding the school internship completed during the initial training course.

The validity of the 24 CFU / CFAs already obtained has been recognized

For the purpose of acquiring 60 CFUthe validity of 24 CFU / CFA already achieved as a requirement for access to the competition under the previous system (without prejudice to the achievement of at least 10 CFU / CFA direct internships).

THAT teachers already in possession of activates at a competition class or other level of education and teachers already in possession of specialization on support can obtain the qualification in other competitive classes or degrees through the acquisition of 30 CFU / CFA from the university and academic course in undergraduate education, of which 20 CFU / CFA in connection with teaching methods and technologies applied to the reference disciplines and the other 10 CFU / CFA of direct internship.

TFA support

Until 31 December 2024, they have access specialization courses for educational support activities for students with disabilities (within the framework of the space reserve established by a decree of the Ministry of Education) those, including teachers employed indefinitely in the roles of the state, who have provided the least 3 years of service within the last 5 on a support post in the schools of the national education system, including peer schools and VET roads in the regions, and which possess the teaching qualification and qualification applicable to the teaching.

Recruitment of teacher support from the first GPS bracket

In the event that competition rankingstointroduction of tutors in the role and only after the ordinary recruitments and the so-called ‘fast call’ are the annually authorized recruitment faculties used to scroll in the provincial ranking of temps (GPS).

For all the details it is possible to consult the full text of the maximum change.


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