Sul Faito in Tempesta for a unique experience

Il Faito is a “middle ground”, nestled between the Gulf of Naples and Salerno, caressed by the two most beautiful coasts in the world, dotted with ancient paths and the scent of mountain essences: an enchanted place where it comes to life – magic in magic – Shakespeare’s storm in the staging of the Casa del Contemporaneo and the Teatro di Napoli – Teatro Nazionale, directed and designed by Rosario Sparno.

Storm immersion

Tempesta is definitely not a traditional performance, but an immersive theater experience, where the boundary between spectator and actors, reality and acting, stage and life is dematerialized: completely immersed in nature, in fact, the spectators themselves become protagonists.

To make everything even more impressive is the fact that the staging of the Shakespeare text is completely “green”, with “zero impact”, without the use of electricity and without the setting up of stage, chairs, layers, etc. “In the perfect world that Caliban imagines, nature produces everything of itself – remembers the instructor Rosario Sparno – and also the notion we propose seems to be evoked by nature itself. Branches from the centuries-old beech trees lead the bodies on stage, and the waves from the sea in the distance bring the words of the poets, from Shakespeare to Eduardo, to their mouths. An experience ‘with’ nature rather than just ‘in’ nature“.

On stage Massimiliano Foà, Luca Iervolino, Paola Zecca, accompanied by the live sounds of Massimo Cordovani and the artistic installations by Antonella Romano.

The viewer will find themselves on the enchanted island, born of the English playwright’s imagination, and slowly moving away from reality in a kind of transition ritual before the actual theatrical experience.

Go and show

Audiences will walk the paths leading to Neviere, accompanied by specialized guides, slowly moving away from reality and immersing themselves in the flora of the place, in a kind of rite of passage before the theatrical experience. “Working with Shakespeare’s text in a magical place like Faito gave my artistic work openness and spaciousness – this is how Antonella Romano describes the path that led her from actress to full-fledged artist to create the iron and metal plate installations that are at the heart of this special zero-impact set-up – Nature embraces everything, and restores power and energy to bodies, words, scenic objects, music, all tones of the same score, which well orchestrated do the magic of the theater, turning it into a deep experience for anyone who wants to cross this magnificent storm.“.

The musical sounds that rise during the show are favored by a spread in the surroundings, which despite being in an open space, returns every little nuance to the audience. “The vibraphone can play with the elf Ariel, the drums and metal plates hung in the trees can create storms and stand on stage with Prospero and Calibano, the guitars can joke with Miranda and Ferdinando – writes the musician Massimo Cordovani in a note – A particular instrument is placed in the middle of the position I occupy: a harmonic drum with a hypnotic sound emanating from the fusion of two instruments, also known as the Handpan. The hit drum that Marco Tirino created gives me the opportunity to bring it to the stage. The magic is already in place, in the immortal words, in the acting of the actors, in the costumes, in the staging. For us, with the sound, there is only left to be there with all this, careful to contribute to this suspension with our best dream.“.


Tempesta da Shakespeare Casa del Contemporaneo / The Clouds and Naples Theater – National Theater Project and Direction Rosario Sparno with Massimiliano Foà, Luca Iervolino, Paola Zecca.

Live music Massimo Cordovani

Antonella Romano installations

1st Assistant Director Henrike Beran

How to dress

Travel shows with possible seats on the ground, comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended. Prior to the show, there will be a nature walk led by specialized guides.

Meeting place: Monte Faito, San Michele Refuge – via Nuova Monte Faito near the church S. Michele and the path to Molare

How do you get

  • To get there: Faito cable car from Castellammare di Stabia or by car from Vico Equense (refuge at the refuge)
  • Reception of the audience from 30 minutes before the start time.
  • The ride in the EAV cable car is free for up to 12 years: due to the repetitions of the Tempesta show, thanks to the collaboration between the production and EAV, public transport has been improved, especially the Faito cable car.
  • Reservation and advance purchase of the ticket is mandatory (single ticket € 10 for adults and children from 6 years)

Faitos beech trees

Il Faito owes its name to the beech trees that cover it and which have played a fundamental role in its history. These centuries-old beeches from Faito (probably among the longest-lived specimens in Italy) are the living witnesses of the now extinct snow industry: they border the neviere, the pits where the snow that once fell on Faito lay. stacked up in the winter. During the summer months, the snow was broken and transported in blocks to the ports of Vico Equense and Castellammare di Stabia to be sold in Naples. The role of beech trees in the snow industry was so important that they were protected by special laws prohibiting their cutting. The snow industry ceased to exist in the early 1900s with the advent of electric ice making machines.

Monte Faito is today a large green area used by the population for walks, excursions, events and sports activities. From Piazzale dei Capi you can enjoy a vantage point over the Gulf of Naples, overlooking Ischia and Procida, but also to nearby Capri. At the top is the Sanctuary of San Michele, on the border between Pimonte and Vico Equense. The path is always wide and comfortable, without the possibility of errors, and is easily accessible to everyone.

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