Smartphones and social networks for their children, the leaders of the network ban them. The causes | Milena Gabanelli

What’s Happening in Silicon Valley?

Steve Jobs, the founder of Appledid not allow teenage daughters to use iPhones and iPads. Bill Gatesfounder of Microsoft and the fourth richest man in the world, he did not give his children cell phones until they turned 14 and introduced strict rules such as digital curfew (in bed without screens) after realizing that the eldest, Jennifer Katharine, used too much video games. Also Sundar PichaiCEO of Alphabet and Googlebanned the smartphone for two children up to 14 years old and limited the TV viewing to a few hours a day. Satya NadellaCEO of Microsoft, carefully monitor the sites your children visit, and get weekly reports on their use. Same strategy as Chris Andersenformer editor of Wired and CEO of 3D roboticswho educated their children by imposing time limits and controls on all electronic devices in the home, as well as banning bedroom screens for up to 16 years. Evan Williamsco-founder of Twitter, Blogger and Medium, has always preferred to buy books over technological gadgets for his teens, while Tim CookApple’s CEO, has banned his nephew from social networking. Susan WojcickiCEO of Youtube, he first approved the smartphone when his 5 kids started going out alone and decided to confiscate all devices during the holidays to help them focus on the present. Finally Evan Spiegelco-founder and CEO of Snapchatalong with his wife Miranda Kerr, he let his stepson Flynn spend a maximum of an hour and a half a week in front of the screens.

Schools without technology

The pioneers of the web, like so many other Silicon Valley leadersthey not only ban technological equipment in the home, but choose kindergartens and schools that are anything but high-tech. U.S. public institutions they house middle-class children and become poorer more and more digitized (This proved to be particularly positive in the Covid years because it enabled all students, even the most disadvantaged, to follow the teaching at a distance). But while Google And Apple they try to place their software in public schools To offer young people the skills of the future, Silicon Valley and other areas inhabited by technology leaders are increasingly popular Waldorf schools which promotes the pedagogical approach developed since 1919 by Rudolf Steiner: learning through recreational and practical activities. In Los Altos there is the Waldorf School of the Peninsula, with about 320 students from kindergarten to high school (2/3 have parents working for the web giants): especially for the little ones wooden toys and outdoor interactions.

Smartphones banned for babysitters

American teens and pre-teens (8-12 years) of low-income families who can not afford after-school and leisure-time courses remain at least two more hours in front of the screens in relation to the wealthy. Noorena Hertz in The Century of Solitude, explains that the parents of Silicon Valley they are going to include one in the contracts clause prohibiting babysitters to use smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs in front of children for any purpose. While the richest, Hertz writes, can pay for their children to live a life of reduced use of screens by hiring human educators instead of putting them in front of a tablet, for the vast majority of families this is not a viable option. Silicon Valley nanny who often works for the online giant UrbanSitter they accept the challenge and offer, inspired by the past, children board games and physical activity.

Here, too, the gap between rich and poor is widening: i first courses more stimulated to develop memory, concentration, empathy And communication skillsie seconds busy in the lonely world of the virtual ace with always bigger difficult to relate.

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