School, union alarm: “Hundreds of professorships discovered in September” – School

TRENTO. “In terms of recruiting teachers, the province remains immobile, leaving more than one hundred permanent positions in middle and high schools, due to placements now exhausted. With the paradox that while the chairs remain empty, even teachers with many years of teaching remain uncertain.

The state, however, ran in coveragen a bis competition for all teachers with at least 3 years of employment: for those who pass the selection in September, the doors to the stabilizations will be opened and the students will be ensured teaching continuity. However, this will not happen in Trentino “.

The complaint / alarm comes from Flc of Trentino.

“In addition, there is a further problem: the vacancies in some professions – the union continues – are insufficient to cover all the vacant seats that are missing another hundred.” Hence the request from Flc for employ not only competition winners but also all qualified candidates.

“Not only are the times when our province foresaw what happened in the rest of Italy, with innovative solutions. Now you do not even take towing and you do not understand why. Maybe of simple carelessness. Certainly due to the absence. of political vision ”, he condemns Cinzia Mazzacca Secretary-General of Trentino Flc. As you know, permanent employment can only be done by recruiting staff from the competition rankings for vacancies, of course. Now, in Trentino vacancies aboundat least in some disciplines, however there are no placements to hire from.

“In high school, there are more than fifty places, divided into a dozen different subjects, for which no competition is foreseen, even though the places have been used up. That is the case Art and art in middle school and Drawing and Art History in high schools Mazzacca continues -. Or it is places where the competition has been printed but the candidates have been stopped in the exams and therefore the number of places provided for the role is higher than the number of candidates which will bring the procedure to an end “.

Such was the case for some subjects of liceo delle art, physics, construction, electrical, computer and mechanical sciences and technologies, applied mathematics, science, some of the laboratory subjects at technical institutes.

“In addition, the striking case of support for middle school where, compared to 49 possible appointments in the role, the 16 candidates who passed the written test and awaiting the oral exam of the competition, they already leave at least 33 uncovered seats. In this regard, too, the ministry promptly provided an answer to the school system and staff, as in February 2022 it envisaged recruitment from the ranking of teachers specializing in support. The councilor’s silence leaves you stunned.

In addition, the result of the competition, which was launched in 2020, and what tests are carried out in recent weeks. “At the very least, we hope that the administration will step in as soon as possible to approve the recruitment of teachers who have passed all the competition tests or who will pass them in the tests scheduled between June and July and who will be qualified. , but not winners, because the competition was launched in 2020, subject to a need that has increased in the meantime ‘.

The union continues: “A number for everyone: 3 places were expected for Italian in middle school, but there are vacancies for 37 permanent employees for the school year 2022-2023.” It is hoped that the 38 candidates who have passed the written exam, can also pass the oral exam at the end of June.If that is the case, there will still be a need for a new competition to replace the teachers who retire the following year, ”explains Mazzacca.

To complicate the picture, the difficult situation in which the Knowledge Department finds itself, where there have been no new hires and pensions, even for the ongoing selections, has increased. “Is critical invest in the recruitment service and strengthen it with ordinary and extraordinary resources to provide answers to all school staff (teachers, Ata assistant educators), in order to guarantee an efficient service that can meet the new needs of the users “.

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