School, compromise arrives on incentives and cuts for 10,000 teachers

Ultimately, the compromise on the coverage of the new incentive training for teachers (and consequently on the reduction of 10,000 teachers from 2026 associated with it) has arrived. Thanks to the rewording of an amendment to Article 44 of the Pnrr 2 decree, which reached the Senate Education Committee in the evening and broke the deadlock in place since Friday. The majority and the government would have decided to cover the allocation of a new “one-off fee” (from 10 to 20% of final salary) to those professors who will update with an ad hoc fund dedicated to education and whose savings will remain in sector (as requested by the Democratic Party). A number of rumors will feed it. Among these, as of 2026/27, there is also a reduction in staff with autonomy (and no more than just staff to strengthen as expected in the beginning, ed) “Consequence of demographic trends taking into account migration flows”.

How does the reduction of seats work?

With the reduction of places, there will be a careful monitoring of the regional school offices (USr), education and finances. If the accounts do not match, we will only take action against the strengthening at a later date. A solution that the Commission commented on in the evening and gave approval for the arrival in the classroom this morning by Legislative Decree 36. In the light of the approval expected between Thursday and Friday, probably with confidence (the text is then expected in the hall and must be converted by on June 29).

The new enabling path

Still on the subject, the amendment confirms the ordinary qualified path, which includes an education plus the acquisition of 60 active education points (CFU), of which at least 10 are in the pedagogical field and 20 are internships (direct and indirect). ). The 60 points (a “final profile of the qualified teacher’s professional competencies must be launched”) can already be taken during the training (“usually” during the master’s program, but through the flexibility of the study plans you could start already during the triennial, as hoped by Forza Italia , with Valentina Aprea, “to allow – he said – to those who have the early call to start obtaining part of the credits”). Those who already have the 24 CFUs (now envisaged in the anthropopsychological field) do not lose them; they are recognized, but in any case 10 points of direct internship must be acquired. The final entrance exam consists of a written test (critical analysis regarding the completed school practice) and a simulated lesson that, in addition to the knowledge of the academic content, tests the teaching ability. To avoid new pockets of “aspiring professors”, Education will have to communicate to the university about the need for teachers every three years. Revision of the competition classes is also expected (today there are 120).

Entering the role

The qualification will provide access to the competitions, which will take place annually (by 2024, an additional 70,000 Pnrr hires are expected). The winners are employed with a trial period of one year, which ends with an assessment of the teacher’s acquired teaching competencies. If successful, there will be access to the role. For those who have already taught in the state school for at least three years, direct access to the competition is provided. The winners must then achieve 30 university credits and complete the qualification test to pass the role. Those who enter the role will be canceled from all rankings for substitutes and are required to remain in the owner’s school for at least three years, including the probationary period (there must be more if they are to complete basic education and acquire the qualification).

The transition phase

In the transition phase, ie until 31 December 2024, those who do not already have a three-year teaching course behind them, but want to teach, will be able to obtain the first 30 university points, including the internship period, to gain access to the competition. The winners will then complete the other 30 points and take the qualification test to pass the role. Until 31 December 2024, even those who have the 24 points required so far by 31 October 2022 will be able to enter the competition.

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