Primary schools, letters to families and staff: “We continue to talk to the Municipality”

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For families
To all the staff at the kindergartens and equal childcare facilities in Lecco.

Dearest and most dear all,
As you know, since November we have been in dialogue with the Municipal Administration in the person of the mayor and deputy councilor to reach a renewal of the convention, which is worthy of our city, but above all protects for you, families and your desire for freedom of choice in the teaching of Your children and for all of you our partners.

In Lecco, the 15 equal kindergartens work on projects that characterize the uniqueness of each reality, but also in a synergistic way with each other by sharing the general strategies; there is oversight of important and consistent pedagogical and disability coordination that supports all schools; we adopt a distribution of municipal funds that guarantees even the most peripheral schools and / or those with low-income users struggling to pay for education. We are also proud to say that the inclusiveness of our schools is recognized by all: we welcome all children from families of all walks of life, nationalities and cultures, children with disabilities, children with special family problems that we try to support and notified children by social authorities. The beautiful thing is that all children, problematic or not, live together in our schools without feeling any difference thanks to the extraordinary work of all our staff, who are carefully selected, have all the education and professional requirements that the regulations set and follow a highly qualified ongoing training course. Great is our gratitude to all our staff who lovingly and with great pedagogical passion take care of our little ones: from the coordinators, to the teachers, to the educators, to the secretaries, to the assistants up to the chefs who prepare the lunches every day and on site, as children remember, even when they grow up.

We would like to point out that our schools are not “private”; they are equal public schools and we provide a public service recognized by Italian law.

Our history in the city of Lecco is over a hundred years old and was born of the desire of the parishes, civil society and the same families, who together have taken responsibility for creating and directing educational works that to this day are indispensable in the city and which over the years has been able to innovate to meet the needs that are constantly evolving up to the growth of diversified offerings for the age group 0-3 years, which are essential to reconcile family and working hours (nurseries, micronids, centers early childhood, spring section). Our educational proposals have therefore evolved over time and generated an integrated system that covers the age group 0-6, providing a guarantee of continuity that no other reality in Lecco is able to offer, and unique attention to disabled children and children with special educational needs from the earliest years of life.

But we must say to ourselves that in recent times it has become heroic to continue to guarantee the livelihoods of these schools, because the efforts in connection with the various crises we are going through, but also the increasingly stringent and more burdensome rules are forcing us presidents and our boards for a truly commendable waste of energy as well as taking on a huge responsibility and we are all volunteers!

“Renewal of the Convention, let us not negotiate”

With the renewal of the Convention, we do not want to haggle over contributions, but to ask that we recognize in a dignified manner our subordinate role in the management of 0-6 services and the free choice of education of families, rights also guaranteed by the Constitution, and that everything is respected, our work is professional, reliable and economical for society. In public school, the annual child cost is 6,700 euros; our schools operate at a cost of less than half without counting that we do not burden the municipal funds or the treasury for all maintenance work of the structures as opposed to what happens to state kindergartens where the municipality intervenes, as in Lecco, in recent months he has spent around 1,000,000 euros on maintenance in the 5 state kindergartens in the city, money for all of us. Our kindergartens currently accept about 850 children (plus more than 200 0-3 children), state kindergartens have about 300 students (and 120 in 0-3 municipal offers).

Our schools thrive on the passion and devotion of the communities that support them, as well as on the prudent use of available funds and employ more than 200 people.

So it is clear that the Convention, which is also enshrined in national and regional law, can not be understood as a benevolent concession that we can make back and forth, but as a recognition of our work (without which the city would be deprived of the service) and the rights of families, neighborhoods, the city as a whole.

We do not take anything from us, but we give: in fact, we manage a very varied number of services in the range 0-6 for 11 months a year, because we also guarantee this summer’s CRD service that we not only open to our members but also to the children who go to state kindergartens. In total, we had 1,055 students enrolled during the school year this year and 410 in the month of July.

Having said all that, we want to clarify the economic aspect of the Convention. First, the convention is a bilateral act, and therefore the mayor can not end the discussion without assessing our requests. Secondly, we will not allow anyone to fall into the deception of believing that 7,000,000 euros in 5 years is an astonishing and sufficient figure.

In fact, if one considers the annual contribution, the result is as much as we have been paid to run 15 schools in the last 6 years, and which we would like to block for the next 5 years …

It is clear to everyone that the world has changed in the last two years and that the subsequent crises have left deep scars in the management of family life … and the same goes for the schools.

“The municipality is hiding behind the demographic decline”

Our municipality, which is hiding behind the demographic decline, does not want to discuss the real cost of the service. In fact, next year we will have 37 episodes and about 2 fewer children per year. section; anyone can understand that the cost does not fall even by one euro and instead weighs very and negatively the lack of collection of the fees (100 fewer children equals about 200,000 euros less).

In other municipalities, more far-sighted, near and far, the administrations have adopted the opposite logic: precisely to ensure the functioning of the schools and the provision of services to the families, they have increased in the light of a decline in children. contribution.

For example: In Brescia, the municipality paid 75,000 euros per. section, and in January it renewed the agreement and allocated 80,000 per. section (precisely due to the drop in about 200 children out of 20 schools); or in Merate, where the Municipality paid 37,000 euros per. section and closes the agreement with the equal schools to 42,000 euros per. section, not to mention Monza, Sesto and many other similar cases.

Our request corresponds to the minimum required for the system to be maintained: we are currently paid 27,500 euros per. section, and we have requested 30,000 indexed (because the contribution must follow the increase in the cost of living in 5 years …) with a guarantee not to fall below the minimum threshold of 1,600,000, to which an additional 100,000 can be added to the CRD; we are therefore well below what many other municipalities guarantee.

“Confrontation in a difficult phase, but let’s move on”

Having said all this, just to immediately clarify figures and situations that you may have seen from the local press and media, the confrontation is in a phase of great difficulty as mayor and councilor, despite the many appreciative and satisfied words for the service rendered by our school system, the moment we went from word to deed and taking due account of the suggestions and arguments we represent, they opposed a total closure of our requests.

In conclusion, with these lines we simply wanted to give you a correct vision of history and our attitudes to protect you from media reconstructions, sometimes too simplistic, and from inaccurate, restrained and / or otherwise misleading communication and from making such amazing promises. and numbers. , how misleading and above all completely separate from reality and the efforts of everyday life for each individual, which in recent years has been and continues to be put to the test.

At the same time, we reaffirm our firm commitment, as individuals and in the association, to continue the discussion in the search for a synthesis point, which we share with the Local Government, which we continue to hope is possible and which we hope will lead to. us, gradually, to reduce the fees that families pay in the logic of true equality and the possibility of true freedom of educational choice for families.

Locatelli School – President Giovanni Caccialanza

A.Nava School – President Osvaldo Ratti

Monumento Asylum School – President Michele Bianchi

Barone School – President Gianluigi Baruffaldi

Bonaiti School – President Giovanni Bernasconi

Courts School – President Zoran Boras

Aldè Era School – President Sandra Valenza

Don Giovanni Nava School – President Benedetta Pozzi

Don Pozzi School – President Don Mario Fumagalli

Mary School Helping Christians – Director Sr. Francesca Robustelli Della Cuna

Mazzucconi School – President Giorgio Redaelli

Pope John XXIII School – President Mons Davide Milani

Piloni School – President Francesco Amigoni

Scuola San Giuseppe – President Don Ottavio Villa

Volta Schools – Principal Don Gabriele Gioia

Angela Fortino, president of the Lecco Equal Kindergarten Association

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