Patrizia Cavalli has just left and has chosen Summer

If Elsa Morante would be called AuthorPatrizia Cavalli was very keen on being defined The poet.

They seem like details, but they are everything. Patrizia meets Elsa in 1968, as a 20-year-old she has just arrived in Rome. Some time later she will say that she will be the one who will make her a poet, the girl who wrote The island of Arturo only because she, since she was a child, had always wanted to be a boy, and that she initiated herself forever in Literature Olympus with History.

“One of my friends introduced me to her. At first he greeted me with a certain distrust, but he really welcomed me into his life. And for me, a sublime moment has opened. Before I was alone, the world opened up with her. I never dreamed of telling her that I wrote, I have done so since I was a child. However, I had seen his rage several times against inappropriate writings. After a year, however, she stopped me on the street and wondered what I was doing in life. I read philosophy, but she obviously wanted to know more. And I said instinctively that I wrote poems and she looked at me cruelly ”.

After reading his verses, he exclaimed: “Congratulations Patrizia, you are a poet”. And to the others: “Patrizia is poetry” and the reference was never more appropriate.

Cavalli was the poetry that Carla Fracci was the dance. A bridge between the twentieth century and today, consisting of classic metrics and words used in everyday life. No manners. He remains the greatest contemporary Italian poet, and forgive me that the expansive, but like her there has not been, nor is there to see arrive, no one else, man or woman. His greatest merit was to make art higher, something for everyone, without falling into the obvious, without ever being banal. His witty verses are loved by people of all ages, genders, professions, cultures and wealth. His performances in theaters and concert halls were always sold out.

Poetry wins when it gets stuck in memory and does not disappear. Hans has been embedded in many generations who have struggled a bit to remember it.

Already a girl, she stands out both from the neo-avant-garde experimentalism that saw the sunset in the 60s, and from the neo-orphanism that was in vogue among the 60-80-year-olds. He chooses the oral and ironic, and it is in this choice that we find Morante’s beneficial influence.

was the last Poet in my opinion, not because I’m in the throes of a cultural catastrophe, but because Poetry in the Twentieth Century (which also knows how to convince the 2000s) was written solely by you. “A poem is successful when it moves” he had explained to Republic in 2016. “Whether it is three lines or 300, something must happen. There must be a surprise in mind ”.

And therefore the Author, the Poet. The signifier who becomes the bearer of a strong meaning. If a gender language was unthinkable in the post-war period, it was a cheeky and feminist gesture to use the masculine instead of defining oneself as a man. But Cavalli embraces a longer period that has given women a language that finally becomes their own. Thus, Poeta, which is a word without gender, will only refuse with the feminine article. A new narrative about the feminine takes place between Morante and Cavalli, which embraces all phases of feminism. From the confrontation with the voracious and destructive masculine, to the definition of a new self. The woman who becomes an individual and builds an equal society with the man. This is how the twentieth century meets the 2000s. We will see La Poeta on stage If not now, when.

He said in one of the latest interviews released: “The disease, they say, has retired at the moment, but these damn treatments I have done have taken my energy and memory from me. How to make poetry without memory? Poetry is to take something and remove the superfluous to do it shines. “.

“I had time to imagine death. The greatest terror is the thought of ending up in an area where I have no control.” Because poets and poets tame life by writing it in verse.

“I want to face death on an equal footing / even though I know I will eventually lose, / I want a fight as it is whole, / that it does not take me secretly and slowly”.

You are right. For verse is the purest weapon to overcome death and become immortal.

The poets do not die. Especially those who are loved by the people.

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