On the trails, Francesco runs on the pedals and on the culture

Over 150 participants from all over Italy, including Fabrizio Ravanelli, testified about the event. The historic cyclist between Perugia, Tiber and Trasimeno hosted the Bicicletterario Grand Gala

Perugia, June 22, 2022 – A seventh edition kissed by the sun and very popular edition of Francesco on the trails, with over 150 cyclists responding from all over Italy, especially from Tuscany and Veneto, to veteran cycling tourism organized by the homonymous ASD led by Cesare Galletti , between Perugia and some of the villages crossed by the Tiber or bathed by Trasimeno, and which was initiated by Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti.

Two days, Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th of June, held in the name of passion for cycling, Saturday’s absolute protagonist of the bicycle manufacturer’s Grand Gala, the final that ‘enveloped’ the five editions, from 2015 to 2019, of unique literary competition in the world that rewards unpublished works of fiction, short prose, poems and aphorisms dedicated to the bicycle.

‘Courted’ by Galletti, the organizers gathered at the Spontaneous Sustainable Mobility Committee (Co.S.Mo.S) have chosen to bring the award from Scauri di Minturno (Latina), where it was born and held every year, to Perugia to celebrate the great gala by rewarding the absolute winners of all editions and also paying tribute to some of the other ‘cyclists’ who have made their contribution (to give an idea, 700 alone in the 2019 edition, the last’ was before the break on due to the health emergency).

From this experience was also born a rich anthological collection, ‘Critical Mass’, which contains works from the winners and recipients of special mentions, also enriched with special contributions starting from Emilio Rigatti, Honorary President of the Jury, by Paolo Rumiz, Timisoara Pinto, Alessandra Schepisi, Carlo Delfino and Alessio Berti. Awarded, for the ‘Tales’ section, Sara Galeotti with ‘Bologna’, and Diego Squarzon with ‘Angelo flew’ in first place; second Sara Galeotti with ‘Inevitable Miracle’ and third with draw Redenta Formisano with ‘Semper inbike these two’ and Piero Iannello with ‘Chella cazz de ciclo’.

In the poetry section were first Marina Pecorini with ‘Ali and the bike’, second Alessandro Cantaro with ‘Sussurro di guerra in 2/2’ and third Paolo Polvani with ‘The workers on the bike’. Finally, for the Miniracconti section, Nicola Mastalli was rewarded with her ‘Spring Walk’.

“With Francesco on the way, we try to combine sport with tourism and culture – Galletti stated.” cultural initiatives, and therefore, even during cycling tourism, there is a focus on crossing the most significant places from a historical and architectural point of view ”.

Also Fabrizio Ravanelli, testimony of the event, attended, who approached the cycling world after finishing with his football experience. “Cycling – said Ravanelli – is a passion sport, a beautiful training ground for life as a footballer, which gives me great stimulus and makes me feel young again”.

“It’s wonderful to see the passion and culture revolving around two wheels – said Clara Pastorelli, councilor for sport in the municipality of Perugia, who spoke at the award along with councilor for culture Leonardo Varasano – especially in the historical area. Cyclists, on the most recently so appreciated and a means of promoting our territories “. “Perugia always has its charm – said Gargiulo – we cyclists come often. This year we have chosen it for this kind of ‘The best of’ of the literary prize, which we have decided to make touring every five years”.


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