New school Rodari, the mayor of Saronno: “The challenge now will be to respect the deadline”

It is the school year 2025/2026 that students and teachers at Rodari Primary School in Saronno are looking forward to. Yes, because it is the date set for the ribbon of the new Rodari school, which Saronno municipality has recently been granted a non-repayable loan of over 7 million euros from the offer of “Spazio alla Scuola” in the region of Lombardy. .

It was talked about this morning, June 22, right next to the school in via Enrico Toti, where the city mayor Augusto Airoldi and the Commissioner for Public Works Francesca Pozzoli presented the general guidelines for the project that won the funding, together with the school director of ICS Ignoto Militi Patrizia Rizzo and to the teacher Barbara Marabelli.

That about the new Rodari is a hot topic in the city, and the motivation is soon said: a ministerial funding of 4 million euros, which the body was awarded in 2020, disappears for non-compliance of prize times of the works envisaged in the ministerial announcement (here the article – The municipality had been notified by the ministry to begin the procedure for the decay of ministerial funding), which was one of the main reasons for friction with the former majority group Obiettivo Saronno and their reference council, Novella Ciceroni, who took care of the delegation of public works. This was followed by the withdrawal of the power of attorney for Ciceroni, the transition to Obiettivo Saronno’s opposition and the establishment of a commission of inquiry to determine responsibility for the loss of the loan.

Generic June 20, 2022

“This is a loan that allows us to create a school that is not only beautiful but also innovative with more ease – said the mayor today -. Our project was recognized by the fourth region among those presented and is among the eight and a half actually funded ».

The primary goal of Saronne’s municipal administration is now to respect the time limits laid down in the notice: “For various reasons, the construction suffers from a whole range of problems, including, for example, the difficulty of finding materials, so it will be just as hard and significant a challenge to maintain the times we set ourselves as the one that made us to win this “announcement of the region of Lombardy” added Mayor Airoldi.

Public Works Councilor Francesca Pozzoli then intervened and recalled the schedule of work: commencement of work in November 2023, demolition of the old building in the summer of 2025 and actual cutting of the ribbon in September of the same year.

The project sent to Lombardy was also accompanied by a video made by the primary school, where the students had expressed ideas and suggestions for what the dream school should be like; among the requests from the regional call was, in fact, the active participation of the Institute in the project.

The school I want. Rodari’s children draw the ideal school of the future

“The children’s contribution was truly appreciated and rewarded by the region” commented Commissioner Pozzoliwhich then reminded of the main innovations of the new school: flexible environments that better meet educational needs (“With classrooms that can be smaller and larger as needed”), awareness of the issue of energy sustainability with a reduction in internal consumption and more generally a school open to the city“With rooms that can be used for public initiatives, such as the library, which can become a neighborhood library or gym, arranged according to the CONI regulations, with changing rooms, toilets and an independent entrance that can be used by associations and companies. Sports”.

The school will consist of several complexes, equipped with 15 classrooms, 5 classrooms for several purposes, an entrance hall with a small amphitheater, space dedicated to reading, gathering and recreation.

«I am glad that the municipality has won this announcement, because it is a victory that symbolizes a union of forces commented school principal Rizzo -. Building a school does not mean building walls, but building innovation inside and outside the school. It is very important that the rooms are functional for the teaching. I hope that the synergy we have found with the municipal administration in recent months will continue. “

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