New school competitions, requirements and how they will take place after the reform

School competitionsthat reform of recruitment of teachers and training, which included in Decree N. 36 which will have to be transposed into law by Parliament over the next few days, also includes important changes regarding the articulation of the new insolvency proceedings that will select the new teachers to be admitted to the role. Let’s see in detail what’s changing.

School competitions, here is how they change with Decree No. 36

One of Messages most important is undoubtedly represented on the return to open questions regarding written test: the quizzes with crosses that have been so criticized in recent weeks have been rejected.

Written, preselective and oral exam: merit ranking only for the winners

There written test will be asked to ascertain the candidate’s knowledge and skills about the discipline of the competition class or type of place in which he participates, as well as about methods and techniques for general and disciplinary teaching, about information technology and about the English language.
Within 30 days of the convening of each bankruptcy proceeding notified until 31 December 2024 by decree of the President of the Council of Ministers on a proposal from Minister of Educationaccess to the sample can be reserved for those who pass one preselective test.

There oral examination will be responsible for, in addition to disciplinary knowledge, ascertaining teaching abilities and teaching skills and suitability also through a specific test. In addition to the aforementioned tests assessment of qualificationsat the end of which merit rankingbased on the grades obtained by the individual applicant in the written test, in the oral test and in the assessment of qualifications within the limits of the vacancies.

Requirements to enter the competition

For participation in first and second grade high school competition (common places), the requirements are as follows: bachelor’s degree (master’s or single education candidate or AFAM at second level) or equivalent or equivalent qualification, in accordance with the competition classes in force on the date of convening the competition plus teaching qualifications specific to the competition class.

To participate in the competition for ITP common places you must have a first-level degree or AFAM diploma or equivalent or equivalent qualification that is consistent with the competition classes in force on the date of the competition, plus the specific teaching qualification for the competition class.

To access competition for support posts, it will be necessary to overcome the specialization courses for pedagogical support activities for students with disabilities. In order to be admitted to the competition, the three years of service (although not uninterrupted) provided within the deadline for submitting applications for participation in the competition, in the previous 5 years, performed in public schools and evaluated in accordance with the article, will also be required. 14/11 of lovnr. 124/99.

Transition phase

Until 31 December 2024, they will be able to access competitions for common places also in teachers which will possess the following prerequisites (in addition to those mentioned above): training qualifications for access to the competition class plus at least 30 CFU / CFA of the university and academic course of basic education and qualification, a course covering a total of 60 CFU / CFA.

The remaining 30 CFU / CFA will be used to reach the 60 expected to achieve the qualification after passing the final exam of initial path and qualificationfinal exam, which will cover a written test and a simulated lesson.

The other 30 CFU / CFA are earned during the first academic year in which the teacher is to pass competition and will enter the merit rankings, will sign an annual temporary replacement contract. After obtaining the merits and after passing the final exam, the teachers obtain the teaching qualification. Therefore, they will be employed indefinitely, but to achieve the final entry into the role they must pass the usual year of probation and education.

It must be remembered, however, that the above must still be approved by the Folketing and converted into law: However, the possibility of further changes seems remote.

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