Neousys Technology awarded by the Vision Systems Design 2022 Innovators Awards program

Published June 22, 2022

Neousys Technology has announced that its series Nuvo-8108GC-QD was recognized as one of the best in computer vision by the judges of the program Vision Systems Design 2022 Innovators Awards. The jury was composed of experts from companies and system integrators.

“The Vision Systems Design team congratulates Neousys Technology on their achievement in the Innovators Awards 2022 program,” said Chris Mc Loone, Editor-in-Chief. “Every year, this impartial and increasingly competitive program aims to reward the most innovative products and systems in computer vision. The Neousys team should be very proud.”
Nuvo-8108GC-QD is the first industrial-grade edge AI platform designed specifically for NVIDIA RTX A6000 and RTX A4500 Ampere GPU Cards. GPUs offer high computing power and product life for system integrators looking to design bespoke solutions that offer advanced graphics, processing, deep learning and artificial intelligence. To maximize the computing power of professional NVIDIA graphics cards, the Nuvo-8108GC-QD features innovative heat dissipation solutions and mechanisms that can dissipate the heat generated by the GPU under heavy workloads, withstand shocks and vibrations in the field, and achieve optimum performance. With longevity throughout the system and high GPU computing power, it is an industry-class advanced AI GPU processing platform capable of taking autonomous driving, visual inspection and intelligent video analysis to the next level.
“We are proud to announce that Neousys Nuvo-8108GC-QD has won the Vision Systems Design Innovators Award 2022. Neousys has always been committed to the development and design of advanced artificial intelligence platforms and continues to innovate on embedded thermodynamics, computing and With Neousys Nuvo-6108GC and Nuvo-7164GC, former winners of the Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards and now the Nuvo-8108GC series, our R&D team aims to create a comprehensive product portfolio that satisfies and accelerates various applications in artificial intelligence. integrators and end users to implement and enjoy the benefits of AI infrastructure without thermal or environmental issues. ” he has declared Chris NiProduct Director for Neousys Technology.

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