“Marina Estate”: theater festival for children and adults

“Marina Estate”: theater festival for children and adults

The companies Teatro Instabile and Theandric Teatro will play tomorrow (Thursday 23 June) at the Lazzaretto in Cagliari for “Marina Estate”, the theater festival for children and adults organized by Theandric Teatro Nonviolento

Four appointments this weekend at the Lazzaretto in Cagliari for the fourth edition of Marina Estatethe theater festival for children and adults organized by Theandric Nonviolent Theater with the artistic direction of Maria Virginia Siriu.

“Snow White Musical” of Unstable Theater Company (ticket for € 7 on www.diyticket.it) will be on stage tomorrow (Thursday, June 23): kl 18 Aldo Sicurella (also instruction) e Monica Pisano Ironically, revisiting the famous tale of Snow White, they will be the protagonists of a theater play with the taste of cabaret, become narrators who are able to move among countless stories and eventually focus on the one that is written and made famous of the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The show repeats the next day (Friday the 24th at 6pm).

At 9.30 pm the curtain goes up for “The Barefoot Widow” (ticket for € 10 at www.diyticket.it) di Theandric Theaterreturning to Cagliari after the successful experience at the festival On the stage! Italia Theater Festival NY, May last year. The work is taken from the novel of the same name Salvatore Niffoi, and accompanies the spectators along a cathartic path leading from blind violence to its rejection. The ingredients are the classic tragedies: love, death, revenge. The protagonist Mintonia gets his hands dirty with blood, but redeems himself with the help of empathy and intelligence. On the stage Carla Orrù, Fabrizio Congia And Andrea Vargiu Directed by Maria Virginia Siriu. The show repeats the next day (Friday the 24th at 9.30pm).

In space “Life as an artist”tomorrow at 22.30the journalist Alessandra Menesini (GiULiA Journalists Sardinia), the artistic director Maria Virginia Siriu and the main characters of the opera “La Vedova Scalza” will meet the public to elaborate on the themes of the show and answer questions from the audience.

The last week of Marina Estate opens Tuesday, June 28th on 18 with still on stage Theandric Theater with “The Emerald City” with Francesca Cabiddu and directed by Maria Virginia Siriu (ticket for € 7 at www.diyticket.it. A tribute to Judge Giovanni Falcone, in the thirty years since his death, will be staged at 9.30 pm (and repeated the day after Wednesday the 29th at the same time) by the Compagnia Teatro dell’Orsa in Reggio Emilia: “Falcon. A man”(Ticket for € 10 at www.diyticket.it) will look on stage Bernardino Bonzani, Monica Morini (who also takes care of the instruction), with live music by Gaetano Nenna. The show repeats the next day (Wednesday the 29th at 9.30pm).

Marina Estate is made with contributions from Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and of The Autonomous Community of Sardiniawith protection of Cagliari municipality. Media partners for the review are GiULiA Journalists Sardinia, SardiniaEvents24 And Simple radio.

TICKET INFO – The single ticket for the performances dedicated to children, at 18.00, costs 7 euros (subscription for all shows for 35 euros).

The single ticket to contemporary theater performances, at 21.30 costs 10 euros(subscription for all shows for 49 euros).

In both cases, the price of the tickets must be understood less the pre-sale rights.

The coupons can be purchased in advance d www.diyticket.it or directly in the theater starting two hours before each performance.

Also on this occasion, “A ticket to Marina Estate “, an example of social innovation used to enjoy the show. In order for the price of the ticket not to be a reason for exclusion, those who want and can have the opportunity to buy one or more tickets that must be available at the ticket office for everyone who wants to participate. That single ticket or suspended subscriptionlike coffee, it can be purchased online and ordered by contacting the festival secretariat on 379 278 7256 Monday to Friday from 9 to 18.

THE PLACE – The Lazzaretto of Cagliari, multifunctional center of arts and culture (located in Via dei Navigatori, 1) hosts exhibitions and temporary exhibitions, offers space rental, conference area, workshops, training activities, entertainment activities, concerts, reading and educational activities, naturalistic excursions, cafeteria space and much more.

THE COMPANY – Theandric Teatro Nonviolento was born in 2001 from the meeting between actor and director Gary Brackett and actress, director and scientist Maria Virginia Siriu. The experience that the theater project takes shape around is the founders’ research into the renewal of artistic languages ​​in relation to the theatre’s social role as a tool that is able to channel and convey a critical reflection on contemporary man. Since its founding, the Theandric Cultural Association has carried out research activities in the field of “political” theater, thought of as total theater, a theater that does not admit a break between scenic and social space, but intends with the spectator to reflect on contemporary issues and together with it seek a stimulus for action that will not necessarily take place when the stage ritual is lived, but in everyday life. This research soon focused on non-violence as an alternative to conflict resolution on a personal, social and political level. Non-violence has become a life choice and center of theatrical work, pursuing its dissemination and dissemination through two moments: shows and cultural events and workshops, working on the development of the non-violent personality through theatrical techniques.

THE ARTISTIC DIRECTION – Maria Virginia Siriu: educated in philosophy at the University of Cagliari, she debuted as an actress in the show Don Cristobal and Donna Rosita based on Federico Garcia Lorca and directed by Guglielmo Ferraiola. From 1997 to 2000, he deepened his theater education by studying with several members of the CICT in Paris directed by Peter Brook: Bruce Myers, Yoshi Oida, Alain Maratrat, Tapa Sudana, Karunakaran Nair, Miriam Goldschmidt and Sotigui Koiuaté. In 1997, he participated in a laboratory at the Living Theater, where he met Judith Malina, with whom he would collaborate as a stage director and assistant director until 2003 at Living Europa. With the historic company founded by Beck and Malina, he will participate in the new production Resistance Now and in workshops and filming dedicated to classic productions of the company such as Mysteryes and the Small Pieces and Utopia. Since 2003, he has led the Theandric Company and created shows that have often debuted at international festivals where the Edinburgh Fringe Festival stands out.

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