Is the fourth dose of the vaccine necessary? The debate is open –

from Silvia Torino

There is discussion based on recent studies that say that Covid could also “pierce” the vaccines based on Omicron (version BA.1). Pharmaceutical companies are pushing for permits first, but governments do not know whether to continue with the vaccines currently in use

Governments collect data to assess how to perform autumn campaign against Covid: fourth dose for everyone? Fourth dose with updated vaccines?

Omicron does not protect against Omicron

Especially with regard to the last point the debate is in full swing. Those who doubt that it is advisable to choose the new versions are based on the belief that the launch of vaccines on Omicron may not yield the desired results. The effectiveness of fourth updated dose as he expects in the autumn (and that it would in fact be a new vaccination, as the annual against influenza) collides with the ability of the variant has been shown to dodge antibodies: so to speak Omicron does not protect against Omicronas the ability to re-infect the virus in its current form increases markedly and the consequence is that one e.g. The BA.1 virus does not protect against infection with BA.5 and so on.

act fast?

This is demonstrated by a recent article that appeared in Nature
, which examines precisely the extent of the immune evasion ability of the Omicron subvariants BA.2.12.1 (widespread in the United States) and BA.4 / 5 (which causes the recent summer wave in Europe and Italy) against previous infections of the strain Original Omicron, known as BA.1. The research (and it is not the only one with similar results) raises concerns about the effectiveness (again in terms of infection) of the effect of the recall of the specific vaccine against Omicron, which is designed precisely on the original BA.1 -tribe. In this context, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which carries out the analyzes of its updated vaccine, calls on the regulatory authorities, through the mouth of Ugur Şahin’s head, to accelerate with the permits: Financial Times Sahin says the safety data would not differ from the original vaccine evidence as it would simplyaltered a number of amino acids in the tip proteinThe selection of the new strain took (for mRNA vaccines that are ‘faster’ to update) three months, clinical trials may take another four months.

Vaccines work

But if the tight deadlines and variants of the virus that follow are used by drug companies as a lever to gain quick approval, the same arguments will make researchers worry, which holds back. It pays to cost and spend resources on upgrading a vaccine at risk of being born “already old”? While the bad news is that the virus can be faster than updating vaccines, the good news is that despite the virus being so “evasive”, vaccines are just as “old” as those built on Wuhan. the stem (currently in use) prove still highly protective against the risk of serious illness, and this also applies to the latest sub-variants of Omicron. Vaccines work well for what they are designed for (save us), and in that sense, and probably better, updated vaccines would also work. Viruses though will continue to infectbecause it develops in this way and we are destined for a long coexistence.

Who should recommend the fourth dose

The evaluation of vaccination for all, another item on the agenda, is underway: In order to balance costs and benefits, the fourth dose should offer a significant difference for most.
Another issue is to protect them better and better the elderly and the most vulnerable: for them, it makes sense to stimulate the response of the immune system (which may in their case struggle to respond) and it is good to do so with the fourth dose and do it quickly and usefully so that they remain protected. For everyone else, global regulators will meet later this month to discuss whether to move to new vaccines tailored to the Omicron variant or to continue with the current ones.

22 June 2022 (change 22 June 2022 | 12:48)

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