Interior design 2021: December 5 trends

Sometimes a few glances at the projects of architects and interior designers are enough to find the right ideas to decorate the home in 2021. Every month we collect proposals and trends appeared in the decor along with a selection of items to decorate the rooms we live in.

As they flip through the pictures of the interior, they emerge solutions it with declensions And interpretations different, sometimes they come into the common taste. Sometimes it comes to small complements or furniture events that last all season, other times it is the proposal that can characterize the style for many years.

Brush decorations

Home decor has always looked after the world of art to find inspiration and in some cases reproduce processes. Among the recent re-proposals, we find an aesthetic attached to the sign on the brushstroke, reproduced in several ways and uses. And not just on printed patterns in the textile elements, certainly a more well-known example, but also in other ways.

A taste also attached to a sense of the unfinished or of craftsmanship, which is also found today in the decoration of porcelain and gods table service. And for those who love to be more daring, even on accessories such as mirrors, create a kind of frame on the living surfaces. There is no shortage of examples in painting walls with two-tone walls where a color is left with traces of rollers and brushes.

It is a classic that never goes out of style and always manages to renew itself: the velvet curtains. This is thanks to a timeless charm, but also thanks to applications originals And contemporary which exploits the properties of this substance. For example, their ability to strange completely natural light. Also for this reason, they are often chosen as second curtains to accompany others in light and filter fabrics such as satin, linen or very light cotton.

Another valued aspect of velvet curtains it’s always in its plot like this heavy: Not only is it easy to create folds, but this fabric is great for creating geometries much like those of curtains with guides or even rods.

Photo by Leny Guetta
Photo by Leny Guetta

Red travertine, the heat from stone

To red travertine it is primarily intended as a stone to be used in bathroom cladding, to bring the elegance of the marble, but with a touch of warmth guaranteed by the unmistakable color that ranges from Rose to terracotta.

Today, however, this natural stone is also used in other rooms in the house. Definitely in the kitchen, e.g. top for table tops or even to achieve entire islands. A popularity that also the many collections of porcelain stoneware which reproduces this material.

But also in the living area, the red travertine above all finds room for its ability to approach naturally wood tone. The applications are different: from large plates on the wall or one small frames must be combined with boiserie.
Elegant Christmas decorations 2021 (12)

There is not only the tree and the Christmas crib to bring elegant Christmas decorations into the home in this 2021. Part of the transformation into the holiday is definitely going through table, both on large occasions with family and friends, and that in everyday life. But as for others seasonal metamorphosisone element to create change is the textile: come on pillows on dugepassing through linen of Bedroom.

The small flames of the candles are a detail that always helps to create the unmistakable Christmas mood. But above all, the support on which they are placed becomes the way to create a personal style Christmas decoration. And in the challenge of finding an original style, the advice is to be bold and mix several elements together traditional to others more eclecticmaybe one more expensive pattern or rely on do-it-yourselfers, even making cookies to have on hand.

Photo by José Hevia
Photo by José Hevia

For designers, outdoor life it has become synonymous with “nature at home”, with biophilic design, with interiors that slide out into the exterior and vice versa. Architectures immersed in greenbut also organic materialsplant, large windows open to the landscape e flowering wallpaper interpretations of this new trend are possible.

Whether it’s interiors with a Mediterranean taste, with floors in rustic terracotta as in the countryside, or exotic villas a few steps from the sea, there is a declination of outdoor life right to any latitude.

When the renovation is not drastic or the space is more limited, you can choose houseplants – even rarely, if you want to experiment – or tropical shrubs and, if you do not have a green thumb, go for the wallpaper with leaves, forests and trees.


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