How to choose the style of furniture: the best photos and ideas to copy

Select it furniture style for a home it is certainly not one of the simplest things, it is important to understand what we prefer, depending on personal tasteand get him to marry functionality needed in a home.

There are styles that are genuine evergreenothers instead that reflect seasonal trends.

To choose and find the right style for you, let’s see them together one by one, with inspiring images and ideascollected by us to help you.

Modern style: the best images for a modern home

When we talk about decorate in modern style we refer to an essential style, from clean lines. Store bright rooms are main features of the houses decorated in modern style. I neutral colors and the password is: monochrome.

If you are looking for ideas for decorating your home in a modern way we have selected one photo collectionperfect to be inspired!

Shabby chic furniture pictures: the most beautiful

That style shabby chicas the word itself indicates, something used, uncared for over timebut always with a note smart.

Yes to wooden furniture, repainted, and yes to colors such as white and beigealways flanked by pastel colors.

The shabby chic personality is extravagant And originalif it reflects your style and you want to decorate your home like this, we have created one collection of imagesfrom which one can get inspiration for impeccable decor!

Industrial style: collection of images of the most beautiful interior design styles

That industrial style it is perfect for those who love urban looks. The ceilings or large open houses are the ones that are best suited for industrial furniture. Exposed bricks, concrete and metal are the most commonly used materials to decorate the house.

That the rule of less is more: few pieces, but with great effect, and it is important to find the right balance between warm and cold colors.

If you like this style, get inspired by our collection of industrial furniture style images, and find the best ideas for your home.

Vintage furniture style photos: the collection of the best

If you are a lover of vintage and decor accessories reminiscent of the past, this is the style for you. The flea markets, vintage can prove to be your trump card, to make your home completely unique.

Choose the era you prefer and do not forget those that are the must-have pieces in the vintage style, such as the turntable. For an impeccable decor, take inspiration from our collection of vintage style images … decorating your home has never been easier!

Rustic style – the collection of the best images

L ‘rustic decor reminiscent of the typical country housesanyone, if he closed his eyes, would be able to get this perfect image imprinted on his head.

THAT colors that prevail only those of the furniture materials, left natural, such as wood and terracotta, used primarily for the floors, should be combined with white walls.

If you dream of recreating a rustic style that may be reminiscent of childhood memories, be inspired by our collection of images, to design a rustic furniture down to the smallest detail.

Pictures in classic furniture style: the best pictures

That classic style it is an eternal, timeless style that can give the home a touch of elegance and finesse. Furniture with dark wood materials is predominant, and velvet has fabrics.

If you love retro furniture, upholstered sofas and everything that gives your home a noble feel, then the classic style is completely yours!
We have collected the most beautiful pictures for a classic furniture style … let yourself be inspired!

Scandinavian style of furniture – the best pictures

Brightness and simplicity are the words that best characterize it Scandinavian furniture style. The white color is the one that prevails, accompanied by the color of light wood.

For this style, functionality is the basis of everything, almost more important than aesthetics, for this i.a. characteristic interior design accessories are minimal and with clean lines.

Here you can find a collection of the best pictures in Scandinavian furniture style, browse them and try to choose the most beautiful ideas for the home!

Pictures of furniture in ethnic style: the most beautiful

That ethnic style reminiscent of the exotic lands, and evokes many emotions through the use of strong and welcoming colors. It is a very personal style, which depends on who chooses it, therefore it will always have a touch of uniqueness. Between the most commonly used materials are wood and bambooall with a reference to nature, the same goes for fabrics where natural yarns are prevalent.

If your goal is to bring dreams of distant travels into your home, then the ethnic style is definitely the most appropriate for you. In order not to fall into error and not miss any details, we have created a collection of the most beautiful images, sources of inspiration!

Eclectic furniture style: the best pictures

Even in one free style like the ecliptic, there are rules to follow to get an excellent result. The key word here is: union.

Mix the styles, but always remember what you want should be the ultimate goal, to avoid creating a too confusing decor. Yes to bright colors and patternsas it may be the more expensive, while it instead in terms of materials: Natural is preferred.

Do you think you will decorate your home with the eclectic style? Get inspired by our collection of photos.

Jungle style of furniture: ideas for copying

Colorful, lively and trendy: decorate your home in a jungle style it’s that simple! Browse the gallery and discover all the secrets to make it perfect.

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