here’s what the classrooms will look like and all the news

Absolute novelty in the school world: the classrooms are changing and adapting to the new needs of all students in Italy.

Several digital tools that can provide concrete support for frontal lessons. A way to renew teaching and learning. What happens in September?


Apparently, DAD has had a positive impact on the way we teach. Like everything else, of course, it brought with it both positive and negative aspects. But above all, in this time course, he has made it clear how one feels the need to bring school and technology as close together as possible. Well, apparently, things will become a reality in the not too distant future, but from September 2022. We are talking about all the classrooms that will gradually become real digital realms thanks to PNRR.

In fact, to be honest, thanks to important sums allocated by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan announced by Minister Patrizio Bianchi. Thanks to these amounts, all Italian schools will undergo a process of great technological transformation, which does not have to take who knows how long. But before we go into the details, let’s find out other news related to the school world. For example, we point out an interesting article which describes the secret place where the traces of the first maturity test are made. Or another article that may attract attention concerns the connection between Law 104 and school errors. Well, that said, let’s try to understand the latest news on Italian education.

A school dedicated to digital technologies, what happens to the classrooms in our classrooms?

According to what Minister Bianchi reported, the transformation regarding the school should not take too long. In a much more concrete way, no tender will be considered for such a purpose. The government itself will distribute European funds directly to all schools in Italy. These, in turn, will have to create a team that, together with teachers and students, will take care of the design program. The funds, it should be emphasized, will be provided on the basis of the classrooms provided by the institutes and also on the basis of the number of pupils they host.

When we talk about digital technology, we are not only referring to digital screens and devices, but also viewers who allow a immersive teaching. Thanks to such support, students will surely become more involved in the lesson, which goes from being frontal to interactive. In short, another way to arouse curiosity and at the same time the attention of those who sit in school. A way to make teaching and school life less boring and more active.

Let’s talk about numbers: the figures and other details that will build tomorrow’s Italian school

We know that Patrizio Bianchi has recently signed The school curriculum 4.0 which provides basic good 100 thousand classrooms protagonists. The same, as explained above, will be invested in new technologies, digital devices and furniture that will reflect the needs of all students. Moreover, by 2026Thanks to additional funds, it will be possible to digitize all classrooms in our country with the appropriate equipment. Therefore, no one will be excluded.

But that’s not all. Goes more specifically, all colleges will have workshops that live up to this name. We are talking about areas with many tools for technological subjects. We are therefore talking about institutes that deal with robot technology or cyber security. And then again of topics like the study of big data and others that bring young people closer and closer to the world of technology.

For this project we are talking about legs € 2.1 billion which will arrive at the schools thanks to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The challenge is finally to rejuvenate the Italian school so that it becomes younger and more in step with the times. But above all to get on the same level as the other European schools, which in this area are far ahead of us. So what will happen in a few months? Will Minister Bianchi keep his promise? When do we see the first concrete fruits? The only thing left is to wait for new news and find out.

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