Families on the Roman coast at a “tenderness school” in the footsteps of Pope Francis

Rome – If one could sum up Pope Francis’ great attention to families, believers and non-believers, only one word would be enough: tenderness. Or rather two: tenderness and closeness. In these nine years of pontificate, the speakers, the documents prepared by the Holy Father and by the organs of the Holy See speak for themselves. Just think about Amoris laetitia or the latest guidelines for family grief (read here), which caused a sensation (also thanks to a superficial reading from many mass media, red). And now it will all flow into the X World Meeting of Families, which starts in Rome in a few hours.

A “multicenter and widespread” event, as it will be at the instigation of the Pope himself, who will see its center in the city, between Paul VI Hall and the Lateran Palace, and with live streaming in all dioceses on the planet, which they have arranged for today’s occasion several events locally.

But on the Roman coast, the families of the dioceses of Porto-Santa Rufina and Civitavecchia-Tarquinia will not limit themselves to meetings and events that will “run out” in June. In fact, the two key words that the pope has stated will follow in all respects: tenderness and closeness. “With the support of the Bishop, Miss Gianrico Ruzza, we are carrying out a project that will not only be the ‘concrete’ point of arrival for this world meeting, but also a starting point for the family ministry: a ‘tenderness school'”, he tells ilfaroonline.it don Paolo Ferrari, director of the family pastoral office of the suburb of Porto-Santa Rufina.

The physical place is still being identified, but the model that will be followed will be the one for the House of Tenderness, as Don Carlo Rocchetta devised in Perugia: “It will be a place where spouses and spouses, through their testimonies of life , will be able to meet the other families and couples who want to approach the sacrament of marriage, in this way we also practice the new directives that came a few days ago from the Holy See.The Pope asked us priests and families “to evangelize not so much with words, but with works. And that’s exactly what we want to do.”

A “tenderness school”, which could also be a new way to get to know the beauty of marriage and family life for the many young people who come to the parish because they want to get married, but not only: “It will be a school where everyone , who want to deepen their tenderness, and especially families and couples, will be able to experience a journey with others.Especially for the spouses it will be the discovery or rediscovery of how much “grace of tenderness” marriage is the source.And to do the message of Christ known, not only with words, but with testimonies of real life, will also help the exchange between the generations, thus translating another “mantra” from Pope Francis into practice: dialogue between generations.

“What strikes me about talking to young people today is that they come to the parish because they are getting married, and they ask me, ‘What are we going to do?’ I tell him that there is catechesis, documents and the sacramental liturgy … and it’s nice to see how they listen, remain fascinated by what is the word of God “, says Don Paolo, who certainly was not” scandalized after the Vatican confirmed the line “kiss until marriage”. “Of all the wonderful document, we have focused on a few lines that should not arouse sensation at all. Many of the couples who come to me to ask to get married are already living together, some even have children. Can we talk? with them about chastity? Of course yes, and I do it without problems. And they listen with interest. When they talk about the honesty of the gospel, they see aspects that they may have forgotten or that no one has ever communicated to them. Sexuality is a wonderful way , as the Lord has given us: with his word and his silence the speech of love is built. ‘The school of tenderness’ will above all serve to make people understand this’.

Is there an opening date? “Not yet. This summer we are making a school camp with some families who will be the cornerstones of the ‘school’. The Pope will give the missionary mandate this weekend to the families who will be present in Rome. We, at diocesan level, will do it at diocesan plan on September 10 in the traditional pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Madonna di Ceri. For the autumn, therefore, everything should be ready ”.

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