Everything is ready for the Culture Weeks and Lugnano City’s literature prize

The combination of culture and celebration in the village will still be the leitmotif of the culture weeks in the city of Lugnano’s literary prize, which this year will be divided into two phases, to give greater impetus to the culture as a driving force for territorial revitalization. Wednesday, June 22nd18:00 in the press room of Montecitorio in Rome, the press conference will be held for the presentation of the culture weeks and the VIII edition of the literary prize city of Lugnano in Teverina 2022.

During the meeting, the book “Imperfections”, published by Gambini publishing house, will be presented, which brings together the ten unpublished finalist and semi-finalist texts in the part of the prize dedicated to short stories. The institutional greetings of the Honorable Antonio Tasso, the Mayor of Lugnano, Teverina, Gianluca Filiberti, and the Cavalier Riccardo di Matteo, will be followed by the intervention of the Vice-Mayor and President of “The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy in Umbria”, Alessandro Dimizian the president of the City of Lugnano’s literary prize, Paolo Petroni, and curator Elisabetta Putini.

The first part of the literature prize event begins Saturday, June 25th with the proclamation ceremony, which – through the presentation of the finalist texts and the public vote among the two juries of the prize, technical and popular – will award the title as the winner among the six finalists in the “Novels” section and among the five finalists of “Tales Unpublished “.

Also this year, the literary evening is traditionally true combined with “The romantic night in the most beautiful villages in Italy”. After the proclamation ceremony, which starts at 20.00, the event celebrating the summer solstice begins, in fact: candlelit dinners in the village bars and restaurants, street food and tastings, and then continue with animation initiatives in the streets of the historic center that will culminate with the promise of love in medieval costume included in the project “Wedding in Lugnano”, with the promise of marriage with a young couple in costume, celebrated by the mayor of Piazza Santa Maria. The launch of Dardo d’Amore, a surprise exhibition by the Terra de Lugnano Archers Group, and Midnight Kiss will close the first day of the festival.

Sunday, June 26th In addition to guided tours of the village, the event also includes the presentation of books. In the morning, Piazzetta Umberto I, set up for the occasion, becomes “LA BibioPiazza in Rosa”, a literary aperitif with presentations and readings from the book “Women with backpacks. Stories about women always on the go” by Patrizia D ‘Antonio and Raffaella Gambardella (Elliot). They talk to authors Daniela Carmosino and Elisabetta Putini. In the afternoon, it will be Rai journalist Mino Lorusso’s turn to animate the BiblioPiazza with the historical novel “In tela d’Imperatore” (Beyond Ed.): A story set in Umbria in the 18th century that proposes real, documented, real existing grades. Art historian Marina Pennini talks to the author.

The second phase of the culture weeks will take place during the Lugnaneser summer in July, and culminates with the ascension feast in August. The second part of the Literature Prize takes place in connection with the award ceremony. The certificates and prizes will be awarded to the finalists and winners, announced in the first part, who will each present their work to the public. In addition, many other writers and personalities will parade in front of the Collegiate Church to present books, promote reading and open a dialogue with culture in all its artistic manifestations. Among these are some very well known names and representatives:

– Beppe Signori, former football player with his book “Offside … only those who surrender lose” (Sperlin & Kupfer);
– Marco Ligabue, younger brother of the Emilian rocker Luciano, who will present the book “Greet me your brother” (Pendragon publishing house), accompanied by the guitar;
– Serena Iannicelli, Rai journalist with her latest work “Lives more or less extraordinary” (Readaction publisher);
– Pierluigi Sbaraglia, journalist and author from Amerino, with her latest work with Chiara Sabatini “La Camilla Baglioni’s Car” (Gambini Publishing);
– Maurizio Ramogida, chairman of the popular jury for the Lugnano Prize, with the book “Gli asinelli di Santorini”.

In the second part of the Culture Weeks there will be other important prizes:
– Buddy Writers Award (to be held on 13 August in Bibliopiazza) for local schools, named after teachers Loredana Santacroce and Maria Saltalamacchia, who have left important traces in the area’s social and cultural world;
– Lettere dai Borghi Award, a letter tournament organized by Lugnano Municipality in Teverina during the 2020 lockdown, which saw a large and heartfelt participation with letters from different parts of Italy and with a jury composed of administrators and representatives of some of “The most beautiful villages in Italy “;
– The Silver Rosette for Culture, a recognition that the Literature Prize Committee in collaboration with the Local Government awards each year a figure from the world of culture: this year it is awarded to Marino Sinibaldi, chairman of the Center for the Book and la Lettura, former director of Radio3 Rai and historical host of the show “Fahrenheit”.

The event concludes with the presentation of the Friends Committee of the World Collection of Olives “Olea Mundi”, a prestigious initiative to boost a cultural and scientific resource such as the World Collection of Olives, which will bring together personalities from the world of culture, of the academic world.

These are the finalist novels, with ex aequo, in alphabetical order by author:
– Nicola Brunialti, A name that is not mine, Sperling & Kupfer
– Paola Cereda, daughter of Iron, Giulio Perrone editor
– Roberto Contu, La Tigna, Castelvecchi
– Paolo Pintacuda, Jacu, Fazi publisher
– Remo Rapino, Chronicles from the land of Scarciafratta, Minimum Fax
– Fabio Stassi, Mastro Geppetto, Sellerio

Short stories about “Imperfection” in alphabetical order by author:
– Roberta Avallone, Light as a Feather
– Francesca Condò, Portrait of Laura
– Laura Giorgi, The Moon
– Jean Antoine Martin, Imperfection
– Marco Maria Vilucchi, I want to be pope

The finalist stories will be compiled in an anthology, published by Gambini Editore, along with the following semi-finalists selected for publication: Antonella Bagorda, Macchine – Stella Conte & Eleonora Castellani, Love Characters – Cristiana Conti, The Diagnosis – Rossella Forti, The Forefinger – Angela Potente, God and Mr. Palomino.
As usual, the profits from the sale of the book in its entirety will go to an important civil case, which this year will be “Lugnano for Ukraine”, a group of local bodies and associations coordinated by the Municipality.

The technical jury of experts in the Lugnano 2022 Award is composed as follows:
– Paolo Petroni President, literary and theater critic, journalist Ansa and Corriere della Sera.
– Daniela Carmosino, Professor of Literary Criticism and Comparative Literature at the University of Campani L. Vanvitelli.
– Annagrazia Martino, journalist, deputy editor-in-chief of La7.
– Giorgio Nisini, author, essayist, cultural organizer; teaches modern and contemporary Italian literature at Sapienza in Rome.
– Giorgio Patrizi, essayist and professor of Italian literary history at Molise University.
– Ilaria Rossetti, author and coach. He won the sixth edition of the Lugnano Prize with the novel Things to save, Neri Pozza Editore.
– Mariapia Veladiano was a happy teacher and principal; he wrote novels and essays. With the novel Now Where You Are Here, Guanda Publisher, he won the VII edition of the Lugnano Prize.
– Carlo Zanframundo, director, filmmaker.

The members of the popular jury 2022 are Francesco Ambrosino, Stefania Aurigemma, Giuseppe de Nicolellis, Barbara Felcini, Vincenza Fortino, Letizia Longobardi, Patrizia Panone, Sara Patrizi, Maurizio Ramogida (coordinator), Idea Riccitelli, Paola Riccitelli, Laura Schiavon.

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