Design Week, Isola District: 8 events not to be missed

The sixth edition of Isola Design Festival is justified Together as one: Design not only focuses on the final product, but represents a tool for creating sustainable and innovative solutions that lead exhibitors and visitors towards a unique sense of belonging. This yearIsola Design District it will host over 250 international designers and design studios, in addition to the exhibitions from the galleries and by the individual artisans located in over 40 locations in the district. The digital platform will also allow artists to make themselves known and add additional content to their projects, some of which can be purchased directly online.

Collective exhibition focused on design products and furniture made with minimal environmental impact or created with industrial waste. They range from the frame created by Senzaquadro n ° 112 (the Milanese artist Celeste Gaia) to the new life with English rugs, recycled by Riccardo Cenedella, to glass objects obtained from disused buildings by Karma Dabaghi.
Splint 3.0
Via De Castillia, 26

Sensory installation of Finemateria, in collaboration with the Lombardy region, which hosts 16 international designers united by the slowness of their creative processes. The loss of knowledge about time is the central theme of this installation, which consists of three types of structures inspired by Japanese houses: Ima, Shiten and Chanoma. All set up on Piazza Città di Lombardia.
Piazza Città di Lombardia

Collective exhibition that combines exhibited design objects with live performances by the artists themselves. The goal is to actively involve visitors who can follow the manufacturing processes of different materials, such as glass, wood or sand. The participating designers and studios are Jonathan Bocca, Annalisa Iacopetti, Sarah Roseman, Studio Neue, Pepijn Fabius Clovis and Tom Jacobs.
Via Confalonieri, 21

Biomaterials or industrial waste are used to replace plastics and to surprise visitors at this exhibition created by young talents, small studios and brands from around the world. The artists created design objects using, for example, eggshells, inks extracted from algae, discarded minerals, coffee capsules and roots.
Gamma space
Via Pastengo, 7

On a ceiling rebuilt from a former factory, the exhibition presents unique design works created by independent studios from the Isola Design Community. A room will be dedicated to all the possible shapes of the chair. Tommaso Spinzi will present his reinterpretation of the Palladium coffee table, which for the occasion will have the colors of the Ukrainian flag: Part of the profits from the sale will go to humanitarian aid.
Via Pastrengo, 14

3DD Factory and Cristina Vitan, modern bodypainting artist, combine their creativity in The Factory space to explore the theme of the exaltation of the female body in a “holiday” environment such as the beach. Visitors can sit on the curved Smoothie Lounge Chair. Diego Rapuzzi’s work will then be auctioned off to charity in favor of women’s protection associations.
3DD factory
Via Pastrengo, 5

Dutch creativity is embodied in the works presented at Atelier Kondakij by 17 design studios, characterized by heterogeneous styles: from objects made using traditional techniques such as glass fusion and weaving to furniture created with waste materials or inspired by the fashion world. . The selected artists are both young people who have just graduated from academies and already established designers.
Kondakji Atelier
Via Civerchio, 2

The award-winning Valencian duo Masquespacio question the boundaries between art and design by presenting the immersive installation Forms & Textures. Through shapes and colors, the visitor can discover how materials can be reinterpreted to have different meanings. Tomorrow at At 10.00, the two artists will attend a meeting to talk about their works at Bun Burger’s Dell’Orso (Brera District).
Via Confalonieri, 11

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