De Silva arranges the new ITA Airways fleet. In the A350s, the cabin lighting changes according to the location

MILAN – “I like challenges and this has brought me into a new world, it amused me too”. Walter De Silva is one of the most famous car designers globally: After revolutionizing the Alfa Romeo style with the 156, he reached the top of the Volkswagen Group and became responsible for all the German giant’s brands. In his palmares there are over 120 successful cars, as well as a collection of prestigious awards, including “Compasso d’oro” for his career awarded by the ADI, Association for Industrial Design. A world Oscar.

The challenge De Silva talks about (which now lives in Munich and runs an independent company) is the latest collaboration with ITA Airways. The companion born of Alitalia’s ashes has during Design Week created in Milan’s glamorous heart via Della Spiga a hub to present the latest innovations: the sustainability initiatives with the introduction in the fleet of the new Airbus A350 with technologies that will make it possible to reduce CO2 the emissions, the uniforms created by stylist Brunello Cucinelli, the catering curated by chef Enrico Bartolini and above all the cabin design created by Walter De Silva. Who speaks enthusiastically about the work done with Mario Antonioli: “We had to respond to the indications received from ITA Airways for a project in accordance with the brand identity of the new airline, which would highlight what is made in Italy. The cabin of An airplane is, like any space in motion, a place to share that revolves more and more around travelers who directly and deeply enter into each person’s state of mind and mood, so man and his well-being are the protagonists of this new ergonomics is a priority, both for the installation of new aircraft and for the renovation of those already in operation “.

The car experience it helps a lot. “Design is a cross-cutting and universal language – adds De Silva – understandable to all, without borders, without rhetoric and without boundaries. Process and methodology, which are the synthesis of the constant relationship between history, knowledge and innovation, are always present “I am proud to have made my experience available to the aviation sector.”

For your journey Above the Clouds was inspired by a cult song by Gino Paoli, “The sky in a room”, with the idea of ​​recreating a comfortable feeling inside the plane, which is always in line with the chosen mode of travel.

“In this field as in the automotive sector, eco-sustainability and all the technologies that come with the mobility of the future are increasingly important. Natural and sustainable colors and materials must also be chosen to convey the typical feeling of being at home for anyone boarding an ITA Airways flight. I tried to privilege beauty and elegance, with special attention to simplicity and comfort, the strengths of Made in Italy “.

Sustainable materials and colors such as wool and leather are in addition to ergonomics cardinal points in the creation of a luxury cabin. “It’s not that simple – the designer reveals – due to the technical complexity and the limitations imposed by the strict aviation regulations. Globally homologating new colors, for example, involves a bureaucratic process for years. We have chosen blue and sand colors, among others. .a. its different all-natural shades., as well as the setting of the lighting on board, which changes evenly, depending on the different situations.Different colors of light are designed according to the place and time of the flight.Warm colors that with the intervention of smart lighting applied to the passenger’s well-being and comfort during the journey, they have the task of making the stay on board comfortable, recreating a typical Mediterranean atmosphere inside the cabin “. The “eventful space” ITA in Milan hosted over 7 thousand visitors, caught in the curiosity of the new cabins and the piloted events.

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