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MACERATA – Presentation of the campaign for registrations for the Academy of Fine Arts’ academic year 2022-23, which also turns 50 this year. Prof Simona Castellani, the director Rossella Ghezzi and the guys who made the graphics showed the selected pictures

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The presentation of the Abamc campaign

from Mauro Giustozzi

Posters, tickets, T-shirts, needles, postcards, agendas, water bottles, with impressive faces of students with different facets, and where the Abamc symbol and the logo of the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata stand out. The campaign for registrations for the academic year 2022-23 was presented this morning at the Joseph Svoboda auditorium in via Berardi. For the fourth year in a row, the protagonists of academy students in the second year of the three-year course in graphic design, led by Professor Simona Castellani, together with Ludovica Innocenti, have studied and designed the image that best represents the pedagogical offering of the academy.


Simona Castellani and Rossella Ghezzi

“Studying, researching, analyzing, designing and communicating are key words that have guided this educational path, aimed at projecting young people from mere theoretical training experience to professional and practical –repeated the Director of Abamc, Rossella Ghezzi- This is the fourth year in a row that this campaign has been designed, devised and created by our students, who have suggested these images, which will be spread on various media in the future. Delegating the design of the orientation campaign to the students has many meanings. It is a matter of taking on the task of studying an image, a language that is capable of being attractive and appealing to one’s peers without forgetting the authority of the institution in which they study and educate. A language precisely because it is born of these young students, fresh, tailored to their feelings and experiences at the Academy. Having worked first individually and then in a group represents an important moment both in the studies they are conducting and also in a future key to working life. We want students to always be main characters within the Academy of Fine Arts, and also this registration campaign, which has been launched thanks to the students on the course Graphic Design, represents one of the directions we have always followed ».

The protagonists of the campaign were largely present at the launch of the new institutional communication of Abamc: they are Jacopo Bartolucci (two years), Valeria Casimirri, Nicolas Consoli, Natalia Curri, Federica Ficocelli, Alessio Gomez Molina, Gabry Priori, participants are added by Sophia Antognozzi and Sirio Aureli, who wanted to tell future companions the individual meaning of being in the Academy. With this new registration campaign 2022-23, the boys wanted to get involved and put the image of the Art Academy in play.

To-of-the-campaign-posters-1-225x400“The last few years have not been easy for everything that has happened to covid, and for the distancing that has also been among the students –said Professor Simona Castellani- finally this year we were able to return to work in person, and thanks to the two-year students involved, their common and then collective thoughts were welcomed, giving rise to this campaign linked to enrollment in the new academic years. The new campaign is structured on the image of many faces representing the academic community, faces of students with multiple facets, each with their own identity but constantly evolving in being at the Academy. The faces in this campaign are not always the same, they change and change thanks to the interplay of different graphic elements and the modular design that allows for multiple variations. In the four postcards inserted in the campaign, the subdivision into just as many departments in Abamc, with a different color identifying them. We can say that we are a multifaceted academy, we are many things and many different courses, and whoever comes to the open days that we arrange will be able to take away any material that will be informative, but also collectible gadgets to keep. The choice of both graphics and colors also invites us to have fun in a sadly gloomy time, where there is a need, a need for lightness to meet the challenges the future presents us ».

The work that then led to this registration campaign 2022-23 started with the eight young people who first worked individually and then shared the developed ideas. The most similar were carried out until three final proposals were reached, from which one could choose what would later be Abamc’s communication campaign. “On the poster as well as in all the gadgets for the Academy’s registration campaign – the director Rossella Ghezzi concluded – the the logo for the 50th anniversary of the founding of Abamc, which dates back to 1972: from this moment on, the road will lead to celebrating this very important milestone for our academy, but I also believe for the same city where it was born, and as it gives prestige and presence begins. of over a thousand students participating in our courses ».



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