Yoga for children, play and exercises

Yoga for children, games and exercises to bring children closer to practice, in a fun way, but also with benefits for mind and body

Yoga for children, play and exercises

June 21 is celebrated on International Yoga Day, a discipline that has now truly conquered everyone, young and old. Today we focus on yoga for children, games and exercises to do with your kids to bring them closer to practice!

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Yoga for children, games and exercises to excite them

That yoga for children it is an excellent activity that is good for many aspects, in adulthood as well as in childhood. When it grows up, it helps relieve stress, stays in shape, helps release toxins and also improves health, such as menstrual symptoms or menopause.

As children, ie advantage they are the same and it actually seems that yoga also has positive effects on some neurodivergener, such as hyperactivity. But how can children who have difficulty concentrating become passionate about it? First of all, we must forget the idea that yoga is meditation stop! There are many styles and everyone can find their own. That said, when it comes down to it yoga for kids games and exercises they mix to entertain them, for a guaranteed result!

What games can you play with children when doing yoga

That yoga for children it is above all play, or it goes at least as such: in this way the little ones approach discipline gradually I discover advantage. Often the lessons are actually held by teachers who focus on storytelling: the teacher can tell a story whose main characters are animalseg. and gradually guide the children towards asana of the animals. And often games are included in this type of activity.

THAT game they work even better if there is music: music is useful, for example, to play a chair game, which instead of the chair uses mats. How does it work? When the music stops, be on a mat in a precise position.

Another game that kids love a lot is it mimic asanas: If you practice yoga, offer this game to your child to share a moment together and time their progress!

For more ideas, see this video which suggests more games to play with children during yoga classes:

Easy yoga exercises for children

We come instead practice genuine. Not all asana they are simple for children who have not yet coordination right and they can struggle to understand them. So choose positions that are not only within their reach, but that represent a real one exercise.

In fact, you can suggest some exercises for mind, especially useful when the child is tired or agitated and has difficulty concentrating. One of the most important yoga exercises to get back focused, but also for to calm down is it off breath.

That breath it can then be trained with specific exercises, like the one with table tennis balls that move through the breath when the children two and two lie on their stomachs, facing each other and sending the ball. Another exercise that trains breathing is the sea: by covering your ears with your fingers and breathing, you seem to hear the waves of the sea!

Finally that yoga for children it is also useful for to relax not only thanks to the exercise, but also to specific exercises. To do this, get inspiration from shavasana, the position of the body, that is, the asana that closes the yoga practice and is often guided by the teacher. Just lie down, relax completely, release the muscles and listen to your voice guiding him to something comfortable.

That yoga for children he is not alone meditationbut also game fun ed exercises which helps mind and body: it’s worth trying for all the benefits it can have on sleep, school performance and health!

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