Ukraine news, Russification of Kherson. Muratov, his Nobel Prize for Ukrainian children

Rome, June 21, 2022 – La the war in Ukraine will last a long timeand Moscow will no longer trust the West, the Kremlin spokesman said Dmitry Peskov. The conflict has now reached the 118th day, and the battle of Severodonetsk, a strategic city in the Ukrainian region of Luhansk, is the focal point of the Russian army’s military operations. The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, in constant search of supplies and military support for his army, he will connect via video conference with the NATO summit in Madrid on 29 and 30 June. Moscow, on the other hand, performs Kherson Russification: in the autumn there will be a referendum on annexation to Russia. Furthermore, in the region bordering Crimea, the army made it known that it had linked the territory to Russian television, close to the Kremlin.

A broken tank lifted by a crane (Ansa)


Unicef ​​will receive $ 103 million to help children displaced by the war in Ukraine: this is how much the Nobel Peace Prize medal is on Dmitry Muratov, the Russian journalist, awarded the prestigious prize in October 2021, for having co-founded the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, which was later closed by the Kremlin. “Mr. Muratov, with the full support of his staff at Novaya Gazeta, allowed us to auction off his medal not for fundraising, but for an event that he hopes will have a positive effect on the lives of millions of Ukrainian refugees “commented the auction house in New York

Meanwhile, Moscow wants to officially get its hands on its conquests, which repeatedly condemned by Kiev, and announced in the autumn a referendum on annexing the Kherson region, in southern Ukraine, to the Russian Federation. It announced the pro-Russian administration. The entire Kherson region has been linked to Russian TV channels which will be available “free of charge” in all areas conquered by Moscow, the Ministry of Defense announced. The visible channels will be in particular those of the audiovisual group VGTRK, much in line with the Kremlin. The Kherson region bordering the Crimean peninsula was quickly conquered by the Russians, who immediately pursued a russification policy of these areas with the introduction of the Russian ruble and passports.

“Yes, it will be a crisis that will last for a long time, but we will no longer trust the West,” said Dmitry Peskov, interviewed by the Nbc and taken up by the Russian agency Ria. Peskov, interviewed by journalist Keir Simmons, also spoke about the American mercenaries detained in Ukraine. According to Putin’s spokesman, the guarantees are for them The Geneva Convention does not apply to captured veteranstherefore Moscow can not guarantee who will not be sentenced to death.

According to the well-known British intelligence report, Russia did not expect such a strong and rapid response from the Ukrainian coast: Harpoon anti-ship missiles donated by Denmark to employ Russian maritime forces doing their job very well: sinking ships. The latest victim was the tugboat of the Russian navy Spasatel Vasily Bekh, who supplied weapons and crew to Snake Island in the Black Sea From the cruiser Moscow onwards, several Moscow ships were damaged or destroyed during the conflict. “The strength of the Ukrainian coastal defense has disrupted Russia’s plans to keep the Odessa region in check from the sea.”

Meanwhile, clashes are raging in the Lugansk region, serious bombing of Lisychansk, bordering Severodonetsk, they recorded all day yesterday, night and this morning. Sergiy Gaidai, regional director, explained that it has not yet been possible to determine the number of victims: it is impossible to move safely around the city.

Stephen D. Zabielski, 52 years old, he died on May 15 in the fighting, he is the second largest U.S. citizen to fall in Ukraine. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in contact with the family. Zabielski’s native, a native of New York, comes after the death of 22-year-old American Willy Joseph Cancel, a “veteran” of the Marines who also died in Ukraine. Also a 22-year-old Spaniard, originally from Manacor (Mallorca), he died in Ukraine. The boy lost his life on Saturday, but it is unclear if he died in combat.

The bombings were intense also in Kharkiv, where troop movements are also recorded at the border with the region. Regional Administrator Oleg Synehubov condemned him death of three civilians in yesterday’s attack on the city center. According to Synehubov, the Russians use multi-launch missile systems and aim for targets “in the industrial zone and in educational institutions”. Kharkiv was the second most populous city in Ukraine, and today it has 700,000 inhabitants, half of what it was before the war.

According to the report of the Ukrainian forces, therefore not verified by independent sources, 34,100 Russian soldiers were killed, of which about 300 only yesterday. The invading forces would also have lost 1,496 (+19) tanks, 3,606 (+18) armored combat vehicles, 752 (+3) artillery systems, 239 (+1) MLRS, 98 (+0) defense system aircraft, 216 aircraft, 181, helicopters and 611 operational tactical drones. Yesterday, the Russians suffered the biggest losses, reports Kiev, in the directions Bakhmut and Avdeevsky “.

Russian attacks also pin the Mykolaiv region, between Odessa and the Crimean peninsula. The capital itself was hit this morning, while the missile attacks yesterday concentrated above all the coastal area of ​​Ochakiv and the area’s agricultural land. Last night also attacked the town of Pervomaisk, further north in the oblast.

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