Tulsa King, Dana Delany (Body of Proof) joins the cast

The actress will play the role of Margaret and will share the set of the new original series produced by Paramount + with Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone

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It’s official: the interpreter of forensic scientist Megan Hunt, star in Evidencewas cast for the role of Margaret in the TV series King of Tulsa. Dana Delany will therefore support Sylvester Stallone on the set, as a wealthy and influential businesswoman, owner of a large horse farm, as well as a nature reserve. Margaret is an important presence and administrator of the Annie Oakley Society. The actress, born in 1956, is also known for two other important roles that have earned her two Emmy Awards: Colleen in China Beach and Katherine Mayfair ind Desperate housewives. The first episode of the TV series King of Tulsa released by Paramount + on November 13th.

Tulsa King, the plot


Tulsa King, the series’ teaser with Sylvester Stallone

Here’s what the TV series is going to be about: Dwight “General” Manfredi (Sylvester Stallone), a New York mafia boss, is released from prison after 25 years. However, his boss sends him into exile, and Dwight suddenly finds himself running a store in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Somewhere out of this world for the man who, after ascertaining the distance from his mafia family and realizing the total lack of interest in him, decides to create a clan of his own allies and put together some unlikely characters. In this way, he will try to found a new criminal empire, on what appears to be another planet.

King of Tulsathe cast


Tulsa King, Martin Starr in the series’ cast with Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone will take on the role of Dwight “The General” Manfredi, while Dana Delany becomes the rich and powerful Margaret. To join them in this TV adventure there will be Domenick Lombardozzi in the role of Charles “Chickie” Invernizzi, vice boss of the homonymous family; Max Casella, in the role of Armand Truisi, a criminal in the Invernizzi clan; Vincent Piazza, aka Vince Antonacci, Charles’ henchmen. And again: Jay Will in the role of Tyson, a young mafioso with a sensitive soul; Jeff Panzarella as Carmine and Chris Caldovino in Goodie Carangi.

The TV series is created by Taylor Sheridan (Wind River Secrets) and sees Terence Winter in the role of showrunner. Executive producers are Taylor Sheridan, Sylvester Stallone, Terence Winter, David Glasser, Ron Burkle, Bob Yari, David Hutkin, Allen Coulter and Braden Aftergood. The production companies involved are 101 Studios and MTV Entertainment Studios.

King of Tulsa and first TV series in which Sylvester Stallone plays the role of the main character.

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