Today’s book: Gadda-Piccioni, The Art of Friendship – Culture & Shows

CARLO EMILIO GADDA LEONE PICCIONI ” WITH THE NEW SUN THEY WILL PROVIDE YOU ‘. Writings, letters, memorable sayings ” (SUCCEDEOGGI LIBRI, page 264, € 22.00).
” Carlo Emilio Gadda, one of the strongest personalities of a constantly inventive writer and, for the many aspects suggested, difficult to understand and catalog, with his brand new and old literary language mixing mixes with the use of Old words, happily recovered.
Author compared to whom very few writers of the twentieth century can stand against him, in nothing old, in nothing now destined for the shelves or for learning, but an urgent, acute prophet, ‘slow to anger’ but terrible in controversial destruction , as well as of a continuous progress in the lyrical evocation and in the exaltation of emotions ”. The words of Leone Piccioni, who wrote extensively about Carlo Emilio Gadda, knew much, as a writer and as a man, in the studio and in friendship, as reflected admirably from these beautiful pages (also unpublished), compiled by the will of families in a precious volume introduced by Emanuele Trevi and edited by Silvia Zoppi Garampi. Piccioni writes these last pages, as Gadda is no longer there, on the occasion of the centenary of his birth, and he had already disappeared exactly twenty years ago, but not yet buried in the non-Catholic cemetery of Testaccio in Rome, where he will arrive – according to his will – only in 2000. The volume brings together the letters between the great critic and culturally promoted, learned and active participant in building the cultural horizon of culture through newspapers like Il Popolo and magazines like L’Approdo, then above all Rai ( of which to be Deputy Director-General) and the author, as humanly ” special ” as artistically enormous as Carlo Emilio Gadda. The correspondence found relates to the period from 1950 to 1971, in the second part of the volume there are 22 texts written by Piccioni between 1950 and 1992 plus two interviews with Gadda. Over thirty years of distance ran between the two men, but that does not make them any less close, especially in the awareness of the younger – never doubted – value of the author of The Realization of Pain, by Pasticciaccio, by Adalgisa. But the precious Piccioni have so many souls – how much they would need today! – he has a great flair for critics and is able to find talents, as he did with Gadda himself, who, from the very first published tests, almost secretly, always enthusiastically reviewed and could support him in life as well as in art. Here ” the reader will be able to try on his own: with this book (In Viaggi la morte ed) he will come in contact with Carlo Emilio Gadda. But he is warned: do not think that you are going for a walk – writes Piccioni – only in the garden. Gadda is a complex writer, he raises issues, disrupts dramas, explodes in controversies, provides calibrated evidence for his learning, sinks his finger into today’s cultural debates, possesses a great ironic line, believes in ‘macaronic’ and ‘baroque’ ”. In addition to the obvious interest from a critical point of view, these pages are fascinating because they show a way to make culture in a solid way by building a real reference horizon through, for example, cultural programs and also the literary awards that play a central role in Gadda’s fortune. with great support from Piccioni, but also in his daily sustenance. Piccioni is among those who come to create an award on purpose, the Publishers’ Award, in 1957, when Il Pasticciaccio does not get the fortune they believe it deserved for various reasons. In short, culture, life, generosity in the construction of the fortune of a writer who is fully believed. (HANDLERS).