Tips for decorating the bedroom for children of different ages

There Bedroom intended for children, it is the space in the house that attracts the most parental attention. You are looking for dI’m making a nice room to see, comfortable to live in, functional in relation to the needs of today’s children, safe and inviting.

ONE room which should welcome children from infancy to boyhood and for this it must be versatile and flexible at every change.

What actually often happens, for example, is that the child is no longer unique and then it is necessary to make room for the newcomer.

To be able to reconcile the needs and desires of two children of different agesit is not easy, but it can be done by following some simple suggestions and of course by getting advice from interior design experts.

The bedroom for children of different ages

Great emphasis must be placed on the design and organization of one bedroom for children of different agesbecause the same space is called to respond to different needs.

In order not to create conflict situations or even worse discomfort, it is important to know how to reconcile the needs of the individual child in the same environment.

For example, let’s imagine a little boy who needs a desk to study with a little one who just wants to play, or a girl who is passionate about dancing who has to share a room with a child who likes to play football or a boy reading with a rock music lover.

We’ll give you some proposals to design a bedroom that it can satisfy the needs of all children and also parents!


Respect the needs of all children

There the first rule is to identify what the common needs are for all children who need to stay in the bedroom. In general, they are play, study and rest.

Each child should be able to perform these activities in his or her own bedroom freely and without disturbing his / her siblings.

Distribute the space well

Organize the bedroom so each child has his own private corner, only his own. It must be a personal space that meets the personal needs of the individual child.

There small room is the space where you take refugeit is true that every child has his own little corner where he can store his things and adapt as he pleases.

Whose room has small sizeyou can choose space-saving solutions such as the famous bridge or bunk beds, created especially for large families.

Equal space for everyone

IN Bedroomeach child must have drawers, shelves, bookshelves and cupboard doors for their own use.

Even though it’s small children’s room must have several seats and a wardrobe with several doors so that everyone can independently control their own part of the wardrobe or the bookcase or chest of drawers.

Also there desk if possible, it should be large and accommodate each child’s items separately.

There design actually points to create modular furniture and fixtures that within the same space are the same but different.

Create a separation boundary

To separate the bedroom into different parts And maintain privacy in the same spaceone idea might be to use the furniture itself to create partitions: you could, for example, use modular bookshelves or wardrobes.

You can too create partitions with decorated panels or colored curtains.

If the room is large and therefore the surface in meters allows it, then you may want to divide the room up with panels of plaster wall: the solution is perfect if the room has a double glazed window.

Maintain a common area

Besides thinking about how to divide the children’s roomthat is also good design an area that is common. In fact, it should be emphasized that on the basis of all the coexistence in the same room of several brothers it is always and in any case formative of their growth, it learns to have respect for others.

If the space allows in size, it is a good idea to create a cozy common area where the children can meet.

Maybe create one playground, for videogram or for TV, with pouf and blankets where you can spend time together. Spending time relaxing together helps to strengthen the brotherly bond, as well as to make children of different ages grow harmoniously.

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