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Information on the processing of data in accordance with Articles 13 and 23 of Legislative Decree No 196/2003

We inform you according to art. 13 of Decree-Law of 30 June 2003, No 196 (which bears the “Code for the protection of personal data” hereinafter for the sake of brevity “The Code”), that the personal data provided to the Fiumicino Online portal for the Roman coast PI / CF 06155431007, will be collected and registered by Fiumicino Online – as data controller – on paper, electronic and / or computer and / or telematics support protected and processed in a way that is suitable to guarantee security and confidentiality in accordance with the provisions of the Code .

We inform you that the data provided will be used for purposes that are strictly connected and contribute to the performance of the Service itself or whatever you may have requested, and to enable you to participate in our initiatives. This data may be stored for the time required to provide the service and to manage similar requests in the future.

For the performance and administration of the Service and the fulfillment of any other legal obligation, your data may be made known to Fiumicino Online employees and business partners and / or parent and / or associates, their legal and tax consultants. .

We inform you that you can exercise the rights set out in Art. 7 and subsequently in Decree-Law No. 196/2003 (including only as an example the rights to have the existence of data concerning you and their communication confirmed in an understandable form, indication of the origin, purpose and processing methods of the information, ” updating, correcting or data integration, cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of personal data processed in violation of the law and the right to object in whole or in part to its use) upon request corrected without formalities to the data Controller.

Cookie Policy

The following cookie policy must be inserted in all respects as an integral part of the privacy policy of the Fiumicino Online portal to the Roman coast. PI / CF 06155431007. This has the specific task of illustrating the different types and methods of use of cookies used by the website itself, as well as giving indications of the processes that must be performed to delete or block them permanently.

Cookies consist of parts of code sent to the browser (almost all browsers are set to automatically accept cookies), which can be stored on the user’s computer (or other navigation-enabled devices, such as smartphones or tablets) while browsing a website. Some of the purposes of installing cookies may also require the user’s consent.

The cookies used on this page may be:

  • session or essential cookies to navigate the site using all its features such as session maintenance and access to restricted areas. They are strictly necessary as without them it would not be possible to provide the requested services. These cookies do not collect information that is to be used for commercial purposes. They are automatically deleted when the browser is closed at the end of a particular session.
  • persistent, are those that remain stored on the computer until their expiration or cancellation of users / visitors. With these cookies, visitors to the site are automatically recognized at each visit.
  • type of analysis. They collect information, in aggregate form, about the number of users and the ways in which they visit the site (pages visited, number of accesses, time spent on the site, etc.) to optimize site management. These cookies do not collect information that can in any way identify the user.
  • of functionality. They collect information to enable the user to navigate according to a number of selected criteria (for example, the language, the products selected for purchase) in order to improve the service provided. The information collected by this type of cookie is acquired anonymously.
  • Profiling cookies, the use of which implies consent to the receipt of cookies and their subsequent use of us, are used to collect navigation data that is relevant to the user with the preferences that he expresses in connection with surfing the web.

These methods can again be divided into cookies:

  • of “first part” when managed directly by the owner and / or administrator of the website
  • “third party” when cookies are set up and managed by administrators who are not related to the website that the user visits.

The third-party cookies used by this website may be:

  • Google Analytics on the website there are third party technical cookies from Google Analytics, this is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). These allow you to record and view information about the use of the website. These cookies allow you to obtain detailed technical information such as:
    1. User navigation path
    2. the number of pages visited,
    3. The time that elapsed between clicks
    4. Log in to the reserved area
    5. Display of certain resources

    These cookies keep track of navigation paths, allowing us to analyze the user experience and improve its usability. What is analyzed is the data associated with the user, but the latter is never identified.

  • Google Adwords: These cookies are intended to provide advertising space. These cookies are installed by third parties (Google Inc.). Advertising cookies are used to derive your browser “profile” and then suggest you advertising messages in accordance with your behavior on the web in accordance with your interests. The data collected in this sense, through these cookies, are anonymous and do not allow to track your identity.
  • Google Maps We use Google Maps to provide detailed information about how we find our stores, and we believe that it contributes to your experience of using our site.
  • Cookies originating from social networks are represented by the buttons on the website that display social network icons (such as Facebook and Twitter) and allow users to access the social page selected by the website with a “click”. The social plugins found on the pages allow the selected social network to collect data regarding the visit. These buttons therefore install third-party cookies. However, no navigation information or acquired user data is exchanged with these social plugins.

How to block or delete them

Users can manage their cookie preferences directly in their browser by setting it to accept / reject all cookies or display a warning each time a cookie is suggested, in order to assess whether it should be accepted or not. However, the user is enabled to change the default configuration (by default) and disable cookies (ie block them permanently) by setting the highest level of protection. It is important to emphasize that disabling all cookies may compromise the functionality of this website.

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