The states of Mondo Lavoro della Cultura arrive in Rome

The States-General Mondo Lavoro della Cultura starts today in Rome for four days until Friday 24 June, with daily meetings that will take place in the Palazzo Bonaparte, free and available to the public online on Youtube and Facebook.

The state’s general cultural world

The states’ general world of work and culture is reaching its second edition, a precious moment for meeting and dialogue between personalities from the institutions, art, culture and economy.

The four-day panel, which is mainly aimed at companies in the sector, leaders, trade unions, institutions, companies, the world of education, professionals, researchers and students, focuses on the most relevant and pressing topics in the debate on “Arts and Culture”: Fin Tech , the art movements in Italy, the new protection, the new artists, the culture as a lever for the economic revival and development projects of the art cities.

The goal is to institutionalize an annual meeting opportunity where reference stakeholders can exchange views and share ideas and best practices.

The panels and their main characters

Tuesday, June 21st at 10.00 the national and local institutions are protagonists who will discuss the importance of culture as an asset for the relaunch of Italy. Speakers Pier Carlo Barberis Founder of the general states of the world of work, Iole Siena President of Arthemisia, Daniela Ara Head of Sustainability and Sponsorship of Generali Valore Cultura, Miguel Gotor Councilor for Culture in the Municipality of Rome, Fulvio Poli General of Chief for General Office of Publicity Promotion and History of the Army General Staff, Giovanni Puglisi Vice President of the Italian Encyclopedia Institute, Livia Turco President of the Istituto Romano San Michele and President of the Nilde Iotti Foundation, Mariano Angelucci President XII Permanent Commission on Tourism, Fashion, International Relations, Nunzia Catalfo senator and former labor minister, Valeria Fedeli senator, Michela Montevecchi Secretary of the Senate Presidency, Francesco Giambrone Superintendent of the Rome Opera House, Umberto Croppi General Manager for Federculture, Rossella Accoto Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Labor, Francesco Rotondi Managing Partner LabLaw Studio Legal Rotondi & Partners, Silvano Maria Tomasi in particular the Cardinal’s delegate to Malta’s sovereign military order, Silvia Costa Government Commissioner for the Santo Stefano Island Redevelopment Project, Alberto Samonà Councilor for Culture in the Region of Sicily, Silver angel President of the Cultura Italiae. The panel will be moderated by the journalist Claudio Brachino.

In the afternoon, at 15, “The new competencies to support the relaunch of the sector with Massimiliano Zane consultant, expert in economics and policy for culture and territorial development, Romano Benini university professor and expert from the presidency of the council, Domenico De Masi work sociologist, Clara Tosi Pamphili Vice President of Palaexpo Special Company, Carmelo Tundo ten Colonel Italian Army, Massimiliano Tarantino Director of the Feltrinelli Foundation and Communications Director of the Feltrinelli Group, Erminia Sciacchitano Ministry of Culture, Francesco Rotondi Managing Partner LabLaw Studio Legal Rotondi & Partners. The panel will be moderated by the journalist Claudio Brachino.

Second day in Wednesday, June 22nd10.00 the focus is shifted to fintech in support of the development of art with: Ilaria Bonacossa director of the National Museum of Digital Art, Marco Mancuso Director of Digicult, Rossano Tiezzi ADVEPA CEO, Giovanni Boccia founder Optimart, Gloria Gatti Gatti Advokatfirma, Massimo Maggio CEO Artmore, Gianluca Marziani critic and curator. The panel will be moderated by Francesca Barbi Marinetti art critic and curator.

In the afternoon from kl. 15.00 museums are the main characters as assets in the tourism-cultural sector in Italy. Lecturers on the topic: Giorgio De Finis director of the Suburban Museum, Simona Gavioli critic and curator,

Maria Cristina Ronc direction of the Autonomous Archaeological Heritage Valle d’Aosta, Tommaso Strinati curator of the ancient and modern art collection of the Roman Institute in San Michele, Pietro Barrera MAXXI Secretary-General, Patrizia Monterosso general manager of the Federico II Foundation, Roberto Sciarratta Director of the Valle dei Templi Archaeological Park in Agrigento, Valentino Nizzo director of the Etruscan Museum in Villa Giulia, John Bulian Superintendent of Abruzzo’s environmental, architectural, artistic and historical heritage, Corrado Lopresto collector and entrepreneur.

Thursday, June 23 it will be the turn of the art movement in Italy: the new artists. Speakers: Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico economist and theorist on the sustainability of art and culture, Nello Petrucci artist and director, Tina Sgro artist, Enrico Manera artist, Damiana Leoni Curator and Art Basel Vip Representative Italy, Francesco Paolo Del Re curator and co-founder of Casa Vuota, Max Papeschi artist. The panel is moderated by Cesare Biasini Selvaggi editor-in-chief Exibart.

In the afternoon from 3 pm, we talk about new protection: companies that invest in art and culture Marina Valensise CEO of the INDA Fund, Claudio Gulli Valsecchi Foundation, Tiziana Frescobaldi Head of External Relations Marchesi de ‘Frescobaldi, Simone Cavallo General Manager for Kiton, Raffaele Bonsignore Chairman of the Banco di Sicilia Foundation, Safiria Leccese Media journalist, Massimo Maggio Fine Art Department Wide Group, Ester Bonafede Superintendent of the Taormina Arte Foundation, Luca Morazzoni partner in the Wide Group and the Fine Art department Wide Group. Moderator is Arturo Artom founder Cenacolo Artom.

On the last working day, Friday, June 24th10.00 shifts focus to disseminating Italian culture as a lever for investment and employment with: Giuseppe Taibi Head of the FAI Agrigento delegation, Giovanni Ciarrocca ADSI Secretary General, Massimiliano Finazzer playwright, director and actor, Maria Pia Admire yourself Rai Fiction Director, Marco Ancora head of the CIU Culture Department, Daniela Tricerri artistic director of the project step two, Fabiana Mendia President of ARTEINDIRETTA, Claudio Collovà artistic director Teatro Festival Segesta, Ornella Laneri Chairman of the OELLE Ancient Mediterranean Foundation.

The last panel in this edition of the States General World of Work of Culture is entitled at. 15 and focuses on the art cities of Italy: development projects compared. They talk about it Francesca Briani Councilor for Culture in Verona, Dario Nardella Mayor of Florence (video contribution), Leoluca Orlando Mayor of Palermo, Domenico Bennardi Mayor of Matera, Elena Di Gioia Delegate to the culture of Bologna, Monica Guerritore actress and author, Pasquale Colella Albino Councilor for Culture in Siena, Rosanna Purchia Turin Councilor for Cultural Policy.

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