The risks of the network: how to protect children

Today, we are immersed in a hyper-connected world where technology is a predominant aspect.


The web world offers young people a range of opportunities and potentials on an educational, social, training and emotional level.


At the same time, however, there is no doubt that the use of online platforms can also lead to side effects and numerous and insidious risks, especially for children and young people. In fact, the extreme dexterity with which the latter moves in the network can cause them to collide with e.g. inappropriate content for their age and thus generate consequences that may have long-term consequences.

Among the risks that surfing the Internet entails is lsee inappropriate material represents one of the most worrying.

It is very easy to run into inappropriate content such as.

  • those related to cyberbullying
  • to hate utterances,
  • for sexting,
  • or even pornography and highly erotic material, which, in order to be processed, require mature mental resources, which are typically not yet developed in younger people.

Having access to such images – which can also have a traumatic effect on children – may leave no visible marks, but rather bruises under the skin, in the soul. By referring to erotic or erotic content, these can capture children’s attention, stimulate their curiosity by responding to the need to go beyond the boundaries dictated by adults.

Likewise, the risk is that such content scares as the youngest can not yet being able to understand and process them.

To prevent the various risks protection provided by parents who can guide their children in the digital world through examples, careful gaze and sharing of the necessary tools to understand what is being done online and what is bordersoften invisible, between real and virtual.

Mom and Dad can also warn of potential dangers, provide some boundaries and clear information, to take on an advisory role to accompany and monitor the young people’s navigation experience.

But no matter how much a parent tries to provide protection and examples of how to move online, he can and can not always be there. Furthermore, as pointed out, today’s children are very often more competent than mothers and fathers in the use of technologies.

Increase awareness among adults

For this reason, the importance of committing to sensitizing the world of adults, the social world, professionals, all those dealing with developmental age, with regard to the specificities and specifics of a form of abuse that is often circulating, is increasing. in the web world. to understand how to protect younger children and what kind of protection can be offered to them.

The association Pollicino has created the prevention project “Image, word, web and technological objects” with the aim of illuminating both resources and risks at the network and over the psychological violence that can be carried out there. The project presentation video (available on Facebook at the following link: was designed based on overexposing children to inappropriate images and content and opens with a question: what do three girls do in a bed? An adult can respond by attaching a pornographic image.

The association’s psychologists then asked directly to some children who reacted in an imaginative, naive, creative and fun way! This shows that the little ones can not imagine pornography and therefore the importance of protecting their imagination, giving them the right to be children and, in a time that goes faster and faster, to grow one step at a time.

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