The post-pandemic puts the turbo on the mini-pools

The small free-standing outdoor bathtubs represent a rapidly growing niche. Because they are easy to install and meet wellness and outdoor needs in a single ultra-technological product. And by design.

Water is synonymous with life and well-being. It may also be for this reason that the demand for an outdoor product has grown during the lockdown, which was previously reserved for a small circle of enthusiasts: the whirlpool above ground, which in the last two years has become the object of response. at best to the need to have well-being spaces available practically ‘at home’, and thus in the garden, on the terrace or in a roof garden. Even in the city, and in every season. There are several advantages of minipools: meanwhile, simple installation, because as these are movable, they do not require construction practice or excavation work and do not even imply an obligation for condominium permit (although the load test must be performed on the slabs taking into account the weight of the full tank); among the advantages are also the small dimensions that make them suitable even for small spaces (without compromising on comfort), but also the ease of cleaning, the ability to heat the water, the silence, the hybrid performance that ranges from the current swimming for chromotherapy. And last but not least, the avant-garde materials and designs.

“Our outdoor collection was born in full pandemic and has experienced exponential growth in all categories: bathtubs, but also showers and outdoor sinks”, confirms Emanuele BenediniCEO of Agape. “The positive trend continues and therefore the collection has been enriched with other elements”. Over the course of two years or so, the Mantuan company has seen an increase in demand for iconic items, some of which are already in the catalog and offered in weather-resistant materials: this is the case with Ufo (design Benedini Associati), a stainless steel counter with a minimal line and a diameter of over 2 meters, and by Vieques, the oval bathtub (signed by Patricia Urquiola) which in the steel version will be perfect for outdoor use, while the colored concrete in paste, Cementoskin®, in 2021 was rejected in five colors in the new circular model of the In-Out series (also by Benedini Associati), which ideally joins DR-Cemento, a meandering tub reminiscent of a stylized pond in its shape (design Studio MK27, Mariana Ruzante, Marcio Kogan ).
“Experts say home spa will be a valuable item in homes around the world,” he warns Marco NovelliniCEO of Novellini Group by Romanore (MN), a leader in Europe and the world in the production of shower cabins and trays, acrylic spiral pools, integrated cabins and radiators. “Our growth in the outdoor bathtub segment started in 2020 has continued in 2021 to exceed 2.5 million euros and expectations for the coming years are high”. In fact, “Novellini had already started investing in minipools in 2019 by designing Divina, the development of the Divina Indoor series of spas. In 2020, in full pandemic, the first Divina Outdoor M was launched, and the success of this model led us to develop the complete series in four sizes up to XXL, which can accommodate up to six people.In all formats, the material surfaces guarantee, eco-sustainable and resistant to any climate, hygiene and durability over time, while cutting-edge technology, hidden and silent, improves relaxation and usability of the tub.

Already at the end of 2019 – and therefore in full pre-covid phase – Dam pools had started the start-up Home Design, “so far only aimed at the Italian market, but with a customer portfolio more than doubled from 2020 to today”, he says Michela Garatti, BDM from Laghetto Home Design Business Unit in Vescovato di Piscine Laghetto, spearhead in the world of above-ground pools for fifty years. “Among the retailers, we have highlighted that even those who until a few years ago only dealt with outdoor furniture or products outside the water world, today also begin to be interested in spas, which are the right solution. give an answer to the customer seeking a wellness room: it may be the entrepreneur who wants a plus for the terrace of the second home or the couple who chooses to pamper themselves with a decor solution for free time, both intimate and sociable or again, the family with young children. ”Hence the decision to inaugurate the new Spazio Brera in Milan, in the international epicenter of design and luxury: a place that for Piscine Laghetto” represents the preferred place for the presentation of the products and above all the project ‘The Water-Lounge Concept ‘, namely the idea of ​​decorating based on water as a central element and not just a decorative element, in order to catch the architecture, furniture and design professionals e who are looking for an innovative and distinctive solution for their projects.

As the inventor of the hydromassage, Jacuzzi® could not help but “dive” into the mini pool sector. “In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the market is growing significantly and consistently in all areas”, confirms Costantino MarcelliniTrade Manager Jacuzzi® Brands Emea & Asia. “Excellent feedback comes from the collection of Swim Spa, the mini pools for counter-current swimming, ideal for both sports training and fun for the whole family: we found a real peak in demand, which resulted in a sudden increase in Order:% s. The motivation for this trend is to trace back to customers’ greater awareness of a new concept of well-being, to be enjoyed in full security and privacy within the walls of the home.The dynamics of inquiries were such that they pushed us to expand our production lines at the Valvasone plant in the province of Pordenone, which has been producing the new J-300 ™-series hot tubs for Italy and Europe since July 2021. And we expect this phase of double-digit increases to continue in the coming months in the EMEA area and in North America. ”The eight models of the J-300 ™ series from Jacuzzi “is characterized by a modern and ergonomic design and by the new PowerPro® hydromassage nozzles, designed to direct the water flows efficiently, precisely on the n part of the body that should benefit from it. The aesthetics are enriched with appeal thanks to the new colors and the active LED lighting above and below the water, inside cup holders and controls, which become even easier to handle. And thanks to SmartTubTM technology, implemented in top-of-the-range solutions, it is now also possible to remotely control a Jacuzzi® spa, via smartphone and tablet “.
From Dimhorathe order trend “sees 4-seater spas for the family and 5/6 seats for hospitality structures in the first place”, reports Francesco Tringale, owner and CEO of the Ligurian brand based in Arenzano, not far from Genoa. “With the Antibes and Riccione models, we have created a series of mini-pools designed for counter-current swimming, designed to experience relaxation and activities in a single product that can be used for the home as well as for the hospitality sector. The principle on which the pool is based is a stream of air or water that simulates the natural movement of swimming: with the help of an electric pump it is actually possible to activate nozzles that restore a current similar to that of rivers, and by adjusting the power supply it is possible to experience training even on the spot : an advantage that is amplified, especially if space is limited.

But if the desire is only to pamper yourself with a bit of coolness on days when the heat wave does not provide respite, the solution for a limited investment may be the purchase of Stock Tank Pools: the free-standing steel basins, which are in fact the cool reinterpretation of the troughs, used for livestock in the great American prairies. “Since 1886, these vessels have been manufactured by Hastingsan American company specializing in water tanks for farms, but its potential for wellness and leisure has only been discovered a few years ago “, he says Jacopo Forattifounding partner of Havelab, the start-up born in early 2022 in Limena, in the province of Padua, and which has the exclusive right to import into Italy. Suitable for those who love the industrial style and hippie-chic atmospheres, mini-pools made in the USA, marketed in Europe under the Tankkd brand, available in three sizes and two shapes, round and oval, and are characterized by two brands: it black mark, where the steel is thicker and characterizes the drinking troughs used by larger animals, such as cows and bulls, and the slightly lighter Green mark, which is more suitable for sheep. To be equipped with headrests, cleaning accessories and skimmers, Tankkd minipools can be emptied or left full at the end of the season, protected by the special coating. And with the help of the wood stove that is sold online just like the tubs, they can also be heated if desired. To ensure invigorating diving under the snow.

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