The pools of the future are born in Padua

Biodesign is changing the industry: No longer predefined shapes, but designs that follow the earth’s waves with respect for nature. With pools that weigh ten times smaller than traditional ones.

The swimming pool market can be revolutionized by focusing on innovative materials and à la carte shapes that follow the earth’s waves. Goodbye to reinforced concrete and the square shapes typical of vessels. It’s not the idea of ​​a young startup, but the mission of an Italian company that started in Padua ten years ago and today assembles 850 swimming pools a year worldwide: “New Zealand, South Korea, France and the United States. “In Mauritius, we have created a jewel of three thousand square meters, but the most beautiful swimming pool is still to be built”, he says Alessandro MilaniCEO of Biodesign.

At the bottom of a whole new paradigm are many years of technological development and a mountain of registered patents. “We build swimming pools without the use of reinforced concrete,” explains the top manager. “We think in the opposite way of traditional industry: they are based on a waterproof load-bearing structure that supports the weight of the water. We have reversed the parameters: first, we waterproof the soil with EPDM, a waterproofing that has a remarkable elasticity of + 300% as a property.Then we lay a permeable structural coating that should not carry the weight of the water because it is permeable and therefore supported directly by the soil.A technological solution that allows us to create swimming pools that weigh one tenth of the traditional: Our structure weighs 70 kg per square meter, a traditional swimming pool around 700 “, says Milani. A project that is also carried out with waste materials from other industries and so flexible that it does not bind the company to a single predefined structure:” We can shape the excavation and create shapes without restrictions, making them much more like natural beaches and with construction. times content. The swimming pool will be an integral part of the house, a kind of living room in the water, and it is possible to anticipate real small beaches and seating, which for the traditional industry tied to predefined forms turns out to be decidedly expensive ”.

A sustainability inherent in the original design that opens the doors to Biodesign swimming pool projects also in the areas where landscape and architectural constraints are intertwined. Most pools, Milani says, are sold to private individuals: “They are quite small, typically 30-40 square meters”. Ten days is enough to build them, exclusive of excavations and if the weather is good. But the company is on its way out to the public with swimming pools for hotels and campsites “even of large dimensions”, explains the top manager. “We have all the qualities to be able to separate a significant market share even in public and state-owned spaces,” he adds, recalling the three-thousand-square-meter Mauritian work or swimming pool in New Zealand so deep that it can hide a treasure below the water level.used for treasure hunting with mask and snorkel.

Biodesign now has a team of 35 people with a network of dealers in Italy and abroad, where 55% of revenue is primarily generated in Germany, the USA, France and Spain. Looking to the future, there is “the desire not to remain small: we have invented and developed a technological and innovative product, a fortune that must be fully utilized – Milani admits – The company is fine, now it’s time to create an international management: I’m the inventor of patents and I’m conscious of being a good entrepreneur, but I’m not a leader “. To support growth and international expansion, the Star Capital investment fund joined Biodesign’s capital last year: “We have opened offices in Spain and Germany, now it’s up to France and the USA where we are going at the end of the year. The project aims to make this product known, which compared to traditional industry has competitive advantages that inevitably impose itself on a luxury market such as swimming pools. But being present in a country is not enough to be able to climb: it is important to guarantee a service network beyond the installation. This means supporting long-term investments, training quality dealers and having a sales network that can support this growth, ”emphasizes Milani.

Contrary to what has happened in other sectors, the pandemic that has plagued the economy around the world has not hit the swimming pool market hard. In fact: “Covid-19 – emphasizes Milani – has certainly given a boost to market growth because people have lived at home for a long time and those who have been able have invested to make it more comfortable. It has our sales have benefited, and the future prospects are also now growing strongly, “he says. Now even the geopolitical tensions do not scare the big:” We have stopped sales in Russia – emphasizes the CEO – but it was a decision that did not has major consequences because for us it is a decidedly marginal market “. Biodesign’s focus is actually not in the typical luxury countries that the Middle East may be, because we want to confirm our brand in Western countries: We believe that our technology can take important market shares here.Thanks to patents we are the only ones who can offer quality with all the benefits in terms of efficiency and environmental sustainability.The key problem is to maintain the technological advantage that makes us unique in the world: business one, although still small today, has a very active research and development department and continues the technological development and protects it with international patents.

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