The new furniture fabrics seen at Milan Design Week 2022

They are the soul of interior design, characterized by great expressive power and enormous creative potential. THAT upholstery fabrics they show themselves at Design Week in all their spatial structure, functionality and variation in use, with inspiration from the architecture itself. They become messengers for distant cultures (Persia, the East, but also the Mediterranean), of stylistic features from the past that are revisited and now combined with large and original graphics and color suggestions. Silk, brocade, velvet, chenille and linen they are the result of a contemporary reinterpretation of timeless decorative motifs, characterized by natural and clayey or bright and happy colors, rich or intangible textures.

Christian Fischbacher – Contemporary Persia

Peter Hauser

Textile publisher Christian Fischbacher and the architect and designer follow in the footsteps of their common roots. Hadi Tehrani interpret Iran’s evocative diversity and create Contemporary Persia, a collection that combines the symbols of Persian architecture, landscape and culture in an unprecedented way. High-quality fabrics for curtains, upholstery and rugs reflect the country’s landscape and cultural richness through elegant and refined designs, fine and raw structures combined with natural linen and wool materials or fire-retardant polyester fabrics. Like Aramesh, a fireproof, opaque and transparent fabric for English round awnings that reproduces a natural-looking melange thanks to its two-tone structure; or Donya heavy wool satin with a compact texture, also ideal as a coating, with a special stain-repellent finish available in ten colors.

Colony – spring 2022 collection

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Max Rommel

The new Colony 2022 collection presented at the Salone del Mobile continues with a contemporary reinterpretation of decorative motifs characteristic of the French, Venetian, Piedmontese and Oriental traditions through natural elements, geometric motifs and compositions belonging to different historical periods, such as revisited through unexpected colors and combinations. The patterns are all designed by the internal style center based on hand-painted watercolors, which are then transformed into upholstery fabrics and wallpaper. Ninfee is a jacquard velvet inspired by lotus flowers that are very dear to the culture of ancient Egypt, characterized by elaborate relief embroidery on a particularly resistant fabric and therefore suitable for complex upholstery. Available in 5 different colors.

Lelièvre Paris – Najd

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To create the fabrics in the Najd collection of Lelièvre Paris, Tristan Aurer he was inspired by the colors and the traditional architecture of the homogenous region of Saudi Arabia. The result of careful craftsmanship ranges from Najd from cotton jacquard to linen, up to highly resistant solutions. It is based on the aerial panorama of a desert landscape, which highlights the continuous variations of its surface (Héritage), the curved lines drawn by the wind (Désert) or its horizon (the Dunes). Or it evokes the typical wooden grids that shield the windows through small panels arranged in trompe-l’oeil (Nomad), or the curtain traditionally used by nomads in desert areas (Khaïma).

Rubelli – Return to Arcadia

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Courtesy Photo Rubelli

The passion for mythology and ancient Greece inspired Luke Edward Hall in the design of the Return to Arcadia collection for Rubelli. In connection with a captivating installation in the company’s single-brand showroom in via Fatebenefratelli, the English designer showed the thirteen fabrics in different fresh and modern color variations, designed for upholstery, curtains and pillows. Each differs from each other in the strictly hand-drawn patterns of Hall and masterfully rendered on chain and shot by Rubelli.

Square – Quotes

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Courtesy Photo Square

During Design Week in Milan, the Kvadrat Quotes collection was presented in the Corso Monfortes showroom. Created in collaboration with the Belgian artist Alain Biltereyst, who designed six of the sixteen curtains and five of the six rugs, Quotes examines urban graphics through accentuated materiality and contrasting colors. Biltereyst’s design is named as a work – Untitled – and transforms the geometric language of his paintings into floating textile structures. In the showroom also the new Vanir, fabric by Raf Simons and Kvadrat; Dashes, wool rug by Daniel Costa; Arda, a fabric created in collaboration with the Front and Evoke collection by Sahco.

Perennials – Clouds 9

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Courtesy Photo Perennials

The new collection was launched within the framework of the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum under Fuorisalone Sky 9 of Perennials Fabrics and Rugs was chosen to cover the new modular components in the Franck collection, an extension designed by Vincent Van Duysen for Sutherland Furniture. In particular, perform fabrics and rugs of Cloud 9 is in 100% solution-colored acrylic, treated with the special finish Perennial Performance Finish which acts at the molecular level facilitates the removal of stains and does not allow colors to fade due to the action of the sun. Result: high resistance and durability over time.

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