The most delicious festivals in the last weekend in June


Appointment in the suggestive surroundings of Lake Como, with the nearby mountains promising some relief from the heat. Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th of June are the deal with a selection of excellent local wines to hit the gastronomic suggestions in the area. The festival offers two routes with a different thematic selection: The local offers wine tastings and tastings of IGT Lariana and Valtellina products, while the national itinerary offers tastings of whites and reds from all over Italy. The venue for the event is the cellars of the historic village of Villatico, a fraction of Colico; where the city’s streets and alleys come alive with music and entertainment options. The cellars are open from 18:00 to 24:00, while on Friday 24. starts at 19.00. To access both routes, it is necessary to have a passport together, with which the glass and the cup holder are also delivered. Information:

100% APULIA MILAN, Sesto San Giovanni (Milano)

– From Thursday the 23rd to Sunday the 26th of June, Puglia moves to the gates of Milan in a real travel village, an excellent opportunity to discover all the flavors of a country rich in history, traditions and culture. The appointment is in Piazza Oldrini, which for four days offers many Apulian proposals, with olive trees, trulli, the sumptuous light typical of village festivals, and of course many pleasures for the palate. You can taste the best street food with the exquisite Apulian products, both sweet and salty, washed down with the best local beers, for a real “taste journey” in this magnificent region. There are also stalls where you can shop for food and wine and handicrafts, enlivened by street performers’ performances, dance and music performances. There is free admission. Hours: Thursday: 6pm to midnight; Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to midnight; Sunday from 11.00 to 22.30. Information on the Facebook page.


Two weekends, from Friday 24. to Sunday 26 June and thereafter from Friday 1. to Sunday 3 July, in the company of the good taste of tradition: the small village on the border between the provinces of Bologna and Ferrara offers the beautiful custom of macarone al. petty in a festival that, as it has been for thirty years and more, delights residents and visitors with the most typical taste experiences in the region. The meeting is in Venturi Park, where sfogline, the skilled housewives who pull the dough by the hand, are present and ready to show the secrets behind an old and delicious art. The goal is to prepare the delicious macaroni al pettine, to be served with traditional meat sauce, or to be served with vegetables or cream. And then we enjoyed the first dish, which are second courses and desserts from the local cuisine. Reservations are recommended. Information

ARTUSIAN FESTIVAL – Forlimpopoli (Forlì)

– A big party, from Saturday 25 June to Sunday 3 July, Pellegrino Artusi, the famous gastronomer, celebrates the father of Italian cuisine. Nine days of appointments between gastronomy, culture and entertainment in the small town that gave birth to this famous protagonist of Italian food culture. The center’s streets to the apartment are filled with colors and scents, where the palate’s pleasures are accompanied by the table’s cultural and social reflection, with tastings, shows, concerts, meetings and exhibitions. There are gastronomic routes to discover the over 700 Artusi recipes from yesterday and today, workshops, show cooking, meetings dedicated to the food culture, with the involvement of local restaurants along with others created specifically for the occasion. The evenings are enlivened by music, especially jazz. True to tradition, some awards are presented, including the prestigious “Artusi Award” and “Marietta Award”, reserved for the amateur / cooking enthusiast who wants to make the best original recipe for a first course. Information:

LAVENDELFESTIVAL, Castelnuovo di Assisi, Assisi (Perugia)

– Lavender, with its enchanting color and breathtaking scent, accompanies travelers the next three weekends (25/26 June and 02/03 and 09/10 July). The center of the festival is Castelnuovo di Assisi, in an event dedicated to nature and the good things of the past. The party is an opportunity to spend a day in the countryside, among rows of purple spikes of lavender, but also to discover wonderful gardens with ornamental plants and fields of aromatic herbs, while the magnificent Assisi in a short distance is always the perfect destination for a visit . In the streets in the center of Castelnuovo, an exhibition of horticulture with plants is set up with proposals from the best nurseries specializing in collections of rare plants, roses, citrus fruits, succulents and the market for quality handicraft products. Guided tours (for a fee) are planned to discover the scents of often unknown aromatic plants, courses dedicated to ointments, oleolites and herbal teas (course duration approx. 2 hours, by appointment), a photo competition and a painting competition: finally you can witness distillation of essential oils. There is no shortage of tasting deals, scheduled for July 2nd and 3rd. Free access. Information:


Agreement from Friday 24. to Sunday, June 26 to taste the excellent handmade pappardelle with wild boar as it once was. It starts at 16.00 in the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro in the small town of Castelli Romani, famous for its bread: this time the deal with the 11th edition of a festival is dedicated to another intense taste of tradition, in a festival from tradition that is now consolidated and organized by the local branch of the Italcaccia Association: the place is the typical Piazzale dell ‘Anfiteatro, with a program divided into three days party where you can enjoy excellent specialties: pappardelle, as well as accompanied by wild boar ragù, you can also taste them with tomato and basil, perhaps followed by the wild boar stew, sausage, mutton skewers with fritters. All this is accompanied by the aforementioned larian bread and the good wine from Castelli. In addition to good food, there is also the opportunity to dance and enjoy many other entertainments, also for children. Information:


Agreement in the San Pietro district, Monte Urano, with one of the most typical flavors from the Marche tradition: from Friday the 24th to Sunday the 26th of June, we celebrate vincigrassi, the special local lasagna cooked strictly in a wood stove, in an anniversary dedicated by tradition St. John Baptist. Traditional vincis grass has been awarded the STG (Traditional Specialty Guaranteed) label by the EU and represents the history, tradition and also the future of this area. They are considered one of the emblems of the Marche cuisine: they are baked in the oven like lasagne and seasoned with ragù and béchamel, but the accompanying ragù is cooked with coarsely cut and not minced meat; in addition, a firmer béchamel is used, which gives the dish a greater compactness. Spices are also present in the recipe, such as cloves and nutmeg. On the occasion of the party, you can order directly at the tables.

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