The 2022 edition of the Florence Antiquities Biennale has been presented

The 32nd BIAF – International Biennale of Antiques in Florence will be held from September 24 to October 2, 2022. Here is who will be there: the list of all exhibitors.

The 32nd edition of BIAF – International Biennale of Antiques in Florencewhich returns to presence after three years Corsini Palace, a magnificent residence from the seventeenth century overlooking the Arno. As usual, it will be possible to admire the best of the world’s antiques, with works for sale, of the highest quality (often ending up in the best museums in the world). BIAF is the oldest market exhibition in the world and one of absolute references to the great Italian art, and it is also the only trade fair in the world held in a historic building of enormous value.

In the prestigious rooms and halls of Palazzo Corsini, approximately from September 24 to October 2 will be welcomed 80 galleries with new layout by the interior designer, set designer and director Matteo Corvino, in a path between the various stands that bring works from the Florentine Renaissance to the great Italian and international twentieth century, but also Roman, Etruscan, medieval sculptures and finds along with examples of Italian and international design that have shaped the taste of The last century. And so, the best antique dealers in the world, women and men, who dedicate their lives to research, restoration, study these wonders, with some remarkable returns and important reaffirms of international merchants who will bring the best of paintings from any era, drawings , sculptures, furniture, ceramics, jewels.

After two days reserved for the Vetting Committee, BIAF opens its doors to the press on the morning of 22 September. On the evening of September 22, with Notte dei Fuochi, the official opening of the Biennale is celebrated. Among the initiatives that will animate the days of the exhibition is the preview of Eternal memoriesthe first docu game in the world that he intends tell the young generations about ancient art through a playful moment to bring them closer to this universe. Can be played in Italian and English, Eternal memories it can be downloaded for free on all smartphones and iPads through the major APP platforms and intends to reach millions of players around the world among the audience of over 2 billion regular players. The game is produced for BIAF by Golem Multimedia, in collaboration with TuoMuseo and support from Consultinvest.

Also room for protection: with donation of the magnificent altarpiece of Under Albertiwhich shows The Trinity and Saints Andreas, Mary Magdalene and Christina (oil on canvas, 373 x 192.5 cm) by Fabrizio Moretti and Eleonora and Bruno Botticelli, to commemorate the memory of their respective parents, at Sansepolcro Cathedral, which compensates the church for a serious loss it has suffered in the past. Although thanks to the financial support of the Antiquities Biennale, the Richard Ginori Museum Archive Foundation for the Doccia Manufactory has launched an important restoration campaign of a significant core of precious wax models that have been severely damaged by moisture in the years following the closure and abandonment of the Ginori Museum. depicting group Apollo and Marsyastaken from a work by Florentine sculptor Giovan Battista Foggini and the groups Venus picks Love and Leda with the Swan, whose bronze archetypes are due to the invention of the late baroque sculptor Massimiliano Soldani Benzi. Unforgettable days in Florence at Palazzo Corsini and in the rest of the city with the second edition of Florence Art Week: The Maison in Via Tornabuoni, the Galleries in Via Maggio, Via de Fossi, Borgognissanti and the shops in Ponte Vecchio will offer activities and events reserved for VIP card holders. The exhibition is located under the auspices of the Tuscany Region, Florence Municipality, Metropolitan City, Chamber of Commerce.

Below is the complete list of participating galleries: 800/900 Artstudio – Livorno and Lucca; Al Fine Art Antonacci Lapiccirella – Rom; Altomani & Sons – Milan and Pesaro; Giglio Antiques – Milan; Paolo Antonacci – Rome; Giovanni Asioli Martini Antique Dealer – Imola (Bologna); Bacarelli Antichità – Florence; Giorgio Baratti Antiquario – Milano; Jean-Luc Baroni – London; Bottegantica – Milan and Bologna; Ancient Botticelli – Florence; Maurizio Brandi Antiquario – Napoli; Brown Fine Art – London and Milan; Butterfly – Lugano; Callisto Fine Arts – London; Roberto Campobasso – Naples; Cantore Galleria Antiquaria – Modena; Caretto & Occhinegro – Turin; Mirco Cattai art and antique rugs – Milan; Cecchetto Prior Antiques – San Vito di Altivole (Treviso); Alessandro Cesati – Milan; Luciano Coen Ancient tapestries and rugs – Rome; Copetti Antiquari – Premiaracco (Udine); Nicolas Cortes Gallery – Madrid; Cortona Fine Art – Milan; De Jonckheere – Geneva; Alberto Di Castro – Rome; Alessandra Di Castro – Rome; Miriam Di Penta Fine Arts – Rome; Enrico Gallerie D’Arte – Milan and Genoa; Fondantico by Tiziana Sassoli – Bologna; Enrico Frascione – Florence; Frascione Arte – Florence; Galerie Caneso – Paris, Lugano, Milano; Berardi Gallery – Rome; Galleria Continua – San Gimignano, Beijing and; Habana; Frediano Farsetti Art Gallery – Milan; Gomiero Gallery – Montegrotto Terme (Padua); Marletta Gallery – Florence; Galleria Poggiali – Florence, Milan and Pietrasanta (Lucca); Russo Gallery – Rome; Galleria Carlo Virgilio & C. – Rome and London; Gallo Fine Art – Milan and Solesino (Padua); Michele Gargiulo “Antiquario” – Naples; Dario Ghio – Monte Carlo; Giacometti Old Master Paintings – Naples; Iotti Antikken – Reggio Emilia; Matteo Lampertico Ancient and Modern Art – Milan; Cesare Lampronti Old Masters paintings – London and Rome; Laocoon Gallery – London and Rome; Leone – Naples; Longari Arte Milan – Milan; Sandro Morelli – Florence; Moretti – London, Monte Carlo and Florence; Maurizio Nobile – Bologna, Paris and Milan; Carlo Orsi – Milan; Orsini art and books – Milan; Walter Padovani – Milan; A. Pallesi Art Gallery – Monte Carlo; Parronchi Paintings’ 800-‘900 SRL – Florence; Piva & C. – Milano; Porcini – Naples; Reve Art – Bologna; Robertaebasta – Milan and London; Robilant + Voena – London, Milan and St. Moritz; Romano Fine Art – Florence; Romigioli Antiques – Legnano (Milan); Salamon & C. – Milano; Santa Tecla – Padua; Giovanni Sarti – Paris; Italian sculpture by Dario Mottola – Milan; Secol-Art Antichità di Masoero Davide & C. – Torino; Society of Fine Arts – Viareggio (Lucca) and Milan; Sperone Westwater – New York; Tettamanti Antiquity – Florence; Tornabuoni Arte – Florence, Milan and Forte dei Marmi (Lucca).

For all information, visit BIAF’s website.

The 2022 edition of the Florence Antiquities Biennale has been presented

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