Tarquinia, prepares the billboard for the Paesaggi dell’Arte 2022 festival

Festival program Art Landscapes 2022inaugurated on May 15 by the extraordinary performance of cellist Ernst Rejiseger al National Archaeological Museumcontinues this summer with fifteen original music and theater events taking place at some of the most important historical and archeological sites in the area Tarquinia.

The exhibits will be presented in particularly relevant places in ancient Etruscan civilization, among the painted tombs of the Necropolis of Monterozzi and by the colossal templeAra of the Queenbut also among the magnificent medieval architecture of the Romanesque churches of S. Maria and Castello And S. Giacomo. All the artistic productions on the program are carefully selected, or specifically commissioned, to enhance the historical and cultural aspects of the selected sites, to harmonize and resonate with the surrounding environment, to promote and multiply its beauty.

The final essay of the early music school Euterpe and the trio’s concert formed by the teachers in this fourth edition will give new life to the soundscapes evoked by the Etruscan paintings of Necropolis and Tarquinia (July 1-2), while the adventurous musical routes are tracked by the enchanting voice and guitar from Lula Pena they will depart from the historic landing site for Porto Clementino (July 3rd).

  1. Maria and Castello it will first host the most up-to-date version of the group’s electrotraditional synthesis Medieval acoustics (July 8) and then the legendary guitarist Ralph Towner with the absolute preview of “Flow”, his new album just recorded for ECM (July 9).

TO S. Giacomothe acoustic guitarist Giovanni Palombo will intertwine his six-stringed musical stories with the accordion’s vital breath of Alessandro D’Alessandro (July 10).

TO Soderini squarein the historic center, the Toranj Kvartet, a new formation derived from the homonymous Persian music orchestra, will present two different sets of compositions and improvisations based on the old musical tradition (July 16). Then again at Necropolis and Tarquiniawill it be possible to visit the Etruscan countries of DH Lawrence, accompanied on this journey through time by the theater company Yaleed (July 17 and 24).

TO S. Maria and Castello (the picture) comes back Daniele di Bonaventurafor the bandoneon, along with the photos made by the photographer Pino Ninfa, for a celebration of tango and music by Astor Piazzolla (July 22). The first date for a sunset in music atAra of the Queen will pass in the stream of toner produced by the strings played by Giovanni Palombo and the amazing German guitarist Claus Boesser-Ferraribetween the tunes of the past, modern improvisations and echoes by Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd (July 23).

Second appointment atAra of the Queen will instead be entrusted with an alchemical combination of talents, “Duo Arctic”, where ingenuity and class of Daniele di Bonaventura will meet the masterful style and great compositional ability of a formidable double bass fighter, the Norwegian Arild Andersen (August 6).

The company O Thiasos TeatroNatura will set to Murernes Park the fascinating tale of “the myths of the water” handed down by Greek and Latin literature, recreating a precious and colorful fabric of stories and music from an eternally present past (August 13). The same theater company, with the absolute premiere of “Fanciulli Divini”, the first part of an unpublished theatrical work, commissioned by the festival and based on Etruscan myths, will be the protagonist of the third appointment ofAra of the Queenwhere Etruscan instruments such as cornu and lituusand it will be possible to listen to songs in the Etruscan language, taken from authentic epigraphic texts from the time (August 14).

The last event within National Archaeological Museumwill combine the presentation of an exceptional archaeomusicological find, the aulòi recovered from the wreck of Giglio and recently examined by the archaeologist Mario La Rosawith a performance by the multi-instrumentalist Renato Vecchiowind instrument virtuoso and expert in millennial musical traditions (September 3).

The festival The landscapes of art is a project funded by the Department of Culture of Tarquinia municipalityfrom Lazio regionDirectorate for Culture and Youth Policies, in response to the call for the promotion of cultural heritage through live entertainment, and Carivit Fonden; in collaboration with the Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the province of Viterbo and southern Etruria and the archeological park Cerveteri and Tarquinia. The artistic management is entrusted to the producer and the archaeomusicologist Emiliano Li Castro.

Information and reservations can be requested atInfo point of Tarquinia (Barriera San Giusto), tel. 0766-849282 or by sending an email to turismotarquinia@gmail.com

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