Skewed guide to a maturity to remember … with a smile!

Writing an article on maturity turns out to be more complicated than I thought. The biggest difficulty for me, who is one step away from thirty, is establishing contact with that world. High school for me is a distant memory of ten years or more: there was no Covid, there was no war in Europe, I lived in another city, and everything was a little simpler. Here this is the second difficulty I encountered: rhetoric. The danger of falling into rhetoric when it comes to high school is always just around the corner: the journey of a hundred days, the strangest ways of copying, the leap into the void one must see when school is over.

To return to the first point, these days I have been trying to reconnect with the “school universe”: I talked to one of my teacher friends, I asked younger friends if they had younger friends who knew younger friends, who still going to high school, I joined a handful of Facebook groups about maturity in 2022. Already the idea of ​​using Facebook in 2022 to intercept teenagers should shed light on the fallacy of my attempts.

But I understood a few things: by reading articles, blogs dedicated to teachers, and posts on some online sites, I understood that the emotions and social rules that determine the moment of maturity are not that different from when it was my turn.

Maturity: the journey of a hundred days

One of the things that seems to remain the same over time despite wars and pandemics is the 100-day trip, or a trip organized independently by the whole class exactly one hundred days before high school starts. This practice of ancestral traits, which I believe is borrowed from Spring holiday American, still remains today as the original rite of passage that the mature student must face before the fateful first test. I remember that when it was my turn, some had improvised bushes: In practice, they walked around the city with boxes and hats to fill with offers from passers-by, and later used the small money as a common fund to be able to get on a plane at. 6.30 to Spain. The hundred-day journey is now often entrusted to specialized networks, such as the famous ScuolaZoo: fluorescent uniforms, flat-shaded caps, and off to conquer the world. The Hundred Days Journey is like Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club: what happens on the go remains a secret.

Maturity and copying timeless art

A big must of maturity is the way of copying. Although even the laziest are accustomed to rediscovering themselves as great lovers of physics and literature when the written tests emerge, the excitement of the shortcut manages to capture even the most upright. From the classic patches tucked in the sleeves or pockets of jeans for friends outside of school ready to write translations of the Greek versions via Whatsapp, I must say I was a little disappointed to realize that the art of copying is struggling to keep up with the most advanced technologies. A groundbreaking technique that I found evidence of online is to store small texts inside the mask.

However, the mask’s commitment to maturity has lapsed, although it is still recommended, but on this aspect I remain confident of the youngest’s adaptability.

school mask-2-2

Maturity, and so?

Maturity is without a doubt the limiting aspect of the rite of passage, the one with the greatest excitement, the test to be overcome. The transition rituals are structured from an anthropological point of view in three moments: beginning, limit and end, which corresponds to the new identity that the student assumes. We have mentioned the trip and the exam, now the last part remains, the one dealing with “after”, where the student gets a new identity, status of those who have obtained the diploma. The most far-sighted will already have outlined a future path, many will still have, and quite legitimately, confused ideas. But for the first time since they can remember, everyone will give up the school system. The school accepts boys and girls aged five, six and spits them out of finished men and women. A thirteen year long institution, for some even longer, years in which the citizens of tomorrow are educated. The coming years are expected to be difficult, indeed, crucial, for the fate of their lives, beginning with the management of international relations, the pandemic and the climate crisis. The boys and girls who today tremble with horror when they think of the blank sheet from the first test will in the future have the fate of the world in their hands. Whether they choose to study or work, whether they choose Italy or another country, they will soon realize how beautiful and only beautiful it was to take the final exams together.


  • school mask-2-2

    school mask-2-2

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