salary supplements for teachers, but not for everyone. Who is it for

For schoolwaiting crucial reform of recruitmentI am coming Messages as teacher salary bonus though it will not affect everyone. But who it belongs to?

Decree on the employment of teachers, Legislative Decree 36 – Additional measures to implement the National Recovery and Resilience Plan of 30 April 2022 published in the Official Gazette, which also rewrites the rules for becoming a teacher, was assigned to the Senate, the Joint Committees on Constitutional Affairs and Public Education, Cultural Heritage (1 and 7) for conversion into law.

Some have been added to the original text changes with the amendments tabled and the text arrives today in the Senate Chamber, and after the green light and the passage to the Chamber, it must be finally approved by 29 June 2022 with the conversion into law.

In what is also called the Pnrr 2 decree, there is therefore also room for school reform and recruitment, whereupon after hectic hours within the majority a square has been reached as with the approval of the bonus on the salary per. teachers who complete training on a voluntary basisbut not in all casespay rise. So let’s see who’s entitled to the teacher pay bonus in detail, according to the latest news.

School, teacher salary bonus for education: who is entitled to

The teacher salary bonus covers incentive trainingbut even if the courses are aimed at everyone within the limits of available resources, the contribution would ultimately not be guaranteed.

The Maxi amendment on the recruitment reform of the Pnrr decree, which resumes the parliamentary process for the conversion to law, contains several innovations, including an increase in the salary of those who pass the incentive training, so that the increase is not paid per. payslip at the end of all those who are going on the courses. But what does it consist of in detail?

Teachers must complete an incentive course on a voluntary basis 3 years after which they become so assessed. The evaluation would actually take place every year and then at the end of the full three-year course.

Only in case of positive evaluation the teacher would be entitled to the salary supplement, which consists of a one-off fee, a accessory type of consideration element. The bonus would fluctuate between 10 and 20 per centno more, of the school worker’s wages.

School and teacher salary bonus: what is incentive continuing education

It is enough to read the text of the amendments that have been approved and arrived at the Chamber to understand which continuing education is encouraged which entitles to a teacher salary bonus.

We read in the text that the teacher who chooses to have access to ongoing incentive training enters a three-year training course, which we have already highlighted, which consists of the following activities:

  • updating skills in the areas of psychopedagogy, participation and teaching methods and technologies (continuing with the skills and knowledge acquired in the initial university education course);
  • contribution to improving the educational offer the school where the teacher works;
  • acquisitionat the teacher’s choice, of specific contents.

Regarding the last point about the content, these are:

  1. examination of the specific content of the teaching discipline;
  2. tools and techniques for planning-participation and management of national and European public and private tenders;
  3. school management: theory and practice;
  4. management of the territorial network and community education pacts for an inclusive school open to the territory;
  5. early detection of signs of discomfort and handling of referrals;
  6. educational management;
  7. staff and system numbers: technical, methodological, social-relational, strategic training;
  8. school inclusion in the classroom with disabled students and those with special educational needs;
  9. continuity and training and work orientation strategies;
  10. improving student evaluation skills;
  11. application profiles for the national evaluation system of educational institutions;
  12. digital digital teaching skills and techniques;
  13. didactics in emergencies;
  14. unlike all forms of violence and discrimination in schools.

The text specifies that the activities in the first three points “are carried out flexibly in connection with extra hours. As part of the total annual hours of incentive teaching, they are offered 15 hours to kindergarten and primary school And 30 hours for primary and secondary school, for training courses dedicated to the development of the teacher’s professionalism. That remaining hours is dedicated to the activities of design, mentoring, guidance And coaching to support students in achieving specific school goals and experimenting with new teaching methods. “

In addition to the teacher salary bonus, there are other news in the text that comes to the Folketing, modified to the last steps before conversion and especially:

  • the teacher’s card remains;
  • the chairs are not cut;
  • stop at cross-competitions;
  • ready to scroll through the rankings of suitable candidates for high school teacher competitions.

To announce this news, at the end of a fierce battle, the five stars were in a note. However, for the confirmation of the employment reform, the teacher salary bonus and other news, it is necessary to wait for the final legal text in the Official Gazette.

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