Rights of people with disabilities in school: a complete guide

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In this article we will list all rights of disabled people in schoolin a practical guide to learn more (find the latest news on bonuses, Rem, Rdc and single check. Read all the news about disability and law 104 on Telegram. Receive the latest updates on bonuses, work and finances every day on your mobile in person : sign up for the WhatsApp group, the Telegram group and the Facebook group. Write all your questions on Instagram. Watch the free video guides on bonuses on the Youtube channel. To continue reading the article on your mobile, press «Keep reading»After the picture below).


Disabled people’s rights: unemployment benefits

Before we get to the heart of the matter and list the rights of people with disabilities in school, let us remind you that too disabled civilians under 18 years of age is entitled to receive a benefit recognized under the name meeting allowance.

The minor must have Italian citizenship And go to public or private schools of any order or degree oi gyms or professional training public or private agreements, or outpatient center daytime or type semi-residential public or private.

For foreign EU citizens is requiredregistration in the register of the municipality of residence, while for citizens non-EU citizens possession of a residence permit valid for at least one year. Both EU citizens and non-EU citizens must reside permanently on Italian territory.

The amount for the 2022 supplement is 291.69 € per. month for 12 months. In special cases provided for by law, there is a surcharge of 10.33 euros. To benefit from the grant in 2021, we must not overcome the annual personal income limit set a 5,015.14 euros. To find out more, read this in-depth study of The Wam.

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Rights of people with disabilities in school: support teacher

Rights of disabled people in school. Also for young people with disabilities education is a fundamental right. Italian law guarantees a number of rights for people with disabilities in school, starting with the presence of one support teacher.

It’s a valuable one support figureaccompanying the young person with a disability in his / her education, support him in teaching activities for a number of hours determined based on the client’s needs.

The presence of a support teacher must be guaranteed in all classes where there is a student with a disabilityto provide the right to education and, above all, social equality for all children with disabilities.

Rights of people with disabilities in school: school figures and institutions

To allow one perfect integration of the disabled young person in school must also be that teachersie school leadersie school partners the devices.

The teacher has the didactic and pedagogical responsibility towards students, including the disabled. Given that the disabled student’s path respects a personal path, it is up to the teacher to define it in the context of Individual education plan.

At the same time class teacher has the task of supervising the implementation of the individualized education plan and the ways in which the disabled student is integrated into the school.

In addition, the headmaster must respect these tasks:

  • assign students with disabilities in the different classes;
  • set schedules;
  • schedule planning meetings;
  • manage documentation;
  • coordinate work involving multiple topics;
  • promote training and updating activities;
  • actively involving families;
  • take any initiative necessary for the proper deployment of students with disabilities and for overcoming and removing architectural barriers;

Of fundamental importance is support for school partners, which has the task of assisting the student with disabilities inside the department and in the external areas. They must also take care of the person and help the disabled person use the toilets.

To commonat provinces and at Regions on the other hand, it is the task of providing the schools with the necessary supportive figures.

Rights of people with disabilities at school: school trips

Not only the rights of disabled people in school, young people with disabilities have right to participate in school trips and tours arranged by the institutes.

So when planning a trip or an excursion, consider health conditions and of need students with disabilities so that they can attend regularly.

Whereas does not existby law, a figure to fit or control the pupil disabled people during a school trip, it will be up to the institution to determine how the student can participate with proper assistance and without exposing him to risks.

There selected figure it can be the support teacher himself, or a relative, teacher or caregiver. If the disabled student goes to high school, he or she may also be entrusted with a responsible and attentive classmate.

Rights of people with disabilities in school: absence and educational qualifications

Rights of disabled people in school. But what happens when a disabled student is unable to attend classes in person for health reasons? According to the law, however, he has the right to school education, through the intervention of the Department of Education in collaboration with the local Asl and with the rehabilitation and rehabilitation centers.

The disabled student will be placed in a detached department of the state school.

To completion of the studythe student with a disability is entitled to recognition of a general qualification.

regarding primary school (primary and secondary schools) the ministry guarantees the disabled student the opportunity to be promoted to the next class, even if it is assessed on the basis of the individualized education plan.

The same goes for eighth grade exam which, if passed, results in the award of an ordinary and valid diploma.

The case in high school is different. The Italian school does not guarantee the attainment of the qualification. Therefore, the student with a disability can choose whether he wants to obtain the ordinary diploma according to a curriculum or for minimum goals, or only to go to school and at the end of the fifth year to obtain a certificate other than the diploma.

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