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It is no surprise to read the name of Stefano Trapani among them of designer who are currently exhibiting their collection at the international trade fair Design / Miami or Baselhead office to collect, exhibit, discuss and create art design products.
The Italian architect and designer Stefano Trapani, he has been working for some time in a scenario that sees him as a main character above all abroad and especially in Paris, the headquarters of his architectural studio.
Born in Palermo, he moved as a teenager with his family to Reggio Calabria, where he graduated and began his professional career in architecture and interior design. From the beginning, he immediately excelled for his talent and his ability to transform each element into a unique piece that challenged the “boundaries” that tend to separate art, design, and craft.
His careful research ventures beyond the general interpretation of traditional materials, which in modern lines are based on a balance that transmits ancestral moods linked to the purely craft concept, as conceived in Arts and craftsto manifest itself in a minimalist and essential perspective, typical of industrial design.
This combination gives his creations the uniqueness and originality that make each piece a work of art located in its natural environment, thanks to the careful search for the harmonious balance between past and future.
Thus, wood, glass and marble take shape in a mixture of smooth surfaces, where the sender is able to find the “domestic” comfort that a design element must guarantee even in its austerity.
Stefano Trapani is the demonstration of how important it is to insist on affirming talent, inspiration and passion, with perseverance following the path that leads to success, with sacrifice and a lot of humility. In fact, his discreet but concrete silence lets the results of his work speak for themselves, which is not long in receiving the right awards, such as having been chosen among the most quoted designer of the world and invited to exhibit his latest collection “The essence of experience” at the International Design Forum, which brings together the most influential collectors, gallery owners, designers, curators and critics from around the world called to discuss design culture and the design market.

With the theme “The Golden Age”, The 16th edition of Design Miami / Basel, under the creative direction entrusted to Maria Cristina Didero, hosts major installations, galleries and news. In fact, there are 30 international galleries with historical and modern design that will exhibit some of the most famous author works: Carpentry workshop gallery, DOWNTOWN Gallery François Laffanour, Friedman Benda And Dimore Gallery.
In addition to the gallery owners, they will be present in Curiosity sectionarchitects, curators, designers, innovators and artisans who will propose new and modern visions of living, creating domestic sets to explore.
In this context, the Curio collection designed by Stefano Trapani finds its space during an installation of white arches placed in order, as if to represent our lives and the stratification of the experiences gained during the artistic and emotional journey. Each arc crossed slowly reveals information about our experience, as if it were a photographic sequence. So at the end of the line, a mirror awaits us, a symbol of our age, where we no longer recognize our image, but the result of our experiences.
Thus, the Curio collection is “The essence of experience”Finds form on the path of experiences and evolution through interpretation of memory and moves with a modern artistic approach that represents the union between tradition and innovation, between art and design.
Design Miami / enriches its program every year, not only to meet the demand for design, but also to expand awareness of the artistic value of modern and contemporary design, nourishing the market for collector’s item design.
As every year Design Miami / it will be proposed in two stages, so after Basel the next deal will be in December in Miami, Florida.

June 13, 2022: preview by invitation only for collectors and VIPs:
Open days for the public:
June 14 and 15 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
From 16 to 19 June from 11:00 to 19:00

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