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With its Find X5 Pro, OPPO has created a product that is definitely unique and innovative in the smartphone landscape, with a product with curved lines and an unmistakable camera island. Are you curious to find out what lies behind the design of a smartphone? Then OPPO is ready to reveal all the techniques and challenges that the engineers had to face to reach the final product.

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The ceramic shell

OPPO Find X5 Pro actually presents an ultra-resistant shell made of genuine ceramic, with a curved body, as oneelegantly envelops the camera, gives life to an innovative design that resembles the shape of a volcanowhich allows this smartphone to stand out from the competition.

The ceramic shell on Find X5 Pro is made of a microcrystalline material, there comes burned at a temperature of 1,000 degrees, to create onea texture that reduces fingerprints and is twice as strong as glass, with double heat dissipation. But precisely because of its resilience, ceramics are a very difficult material to work with, and therefore it seemed impossible at first to be able to create a precise and uniform design.

To achieve the desired result, OPPO engineers had to overcome some crucial obstacles and it took six months of R&D in the casting, machining and polishing process. Use of existing manufacturing methods resulted in a less uniform gradient of curvature between the ceramic back cover and the camera body. To overcome this problem, engineers haveimplemented a more precise treatment method, uses two blades arranged at an angle of 90 degrees. While this improved the accuracy of the final product, a new problem arose: a rectangular cutting line around the sides of the ceramic shell along with the visible cutting marks on the machine blades.

The solution was the creation of a process of polishing the edges completely new, divided into several phases using a never before used four-axis polishing machine that uses diamond dust at the micro level. The final result? A perfectly machined ceramic backcover in premium quality that takes five full days to produce, with one efficiency of 97% compared to 87%.

Furthermore, one of the biggest problems that smartphones face in terms of design is often represented by solutions for the camera body. In fact, most have ugly protrusions in relief. F.in X5 Pro has solved this problem by perfectly merging the camera with the rest of the smartphone, but runs into another problem, namely having to integrate the lenses into the housing itself without any protrusion.

Remove the camera lens ring to get a cleaner look this means that the lens itself must be positioned precisely so that it is neither too high nor too low. If it is too high, the target is vulnerable to damage. If it is too low, you will lose the smooth feeling. To overcome this problem, ie ceramic battery covers were divided into three groups based on their incredibly small thickness variations. Find X5 Pro’s three lenses have also been grouped according to their thickness and then paired with the closest ceramic cover to achieve the perfect and precise depth in the camera body. There are three goals from take into account and therefore 27 combinations in total, OPPO has invested millions of euros in developing equipment capable of automatically grouping lenses and back covers.

A display with faithful and vibrant colors

OPPO’s innovations do not end with design alone. The Find X5 Pro actually boasts a groundbreaking display of the latest generation: the 1 billion-color Bionic display, characterized by a 120Hz refresh rate with multiple brightness-color calibrations, 8192-level bionic attenuation and HDR10 + support.

In this new generation of the Find series, OPPO has both focused on the quality of the screen and in the way the human eye sees and perceives images, giving life to a display capable of adapting to different environments of use. The view of reality is actually constantly changing, influenced by color variations and by the intensity of the ambient lighting, but Find X5 Pro is able to change its reproduction to adapt it to different contexts.

In addition, Find X5 Pro’s innovative technology it also allows you to customize the colors to the type of content displayed, enhancement of the main elements of each image. The Find X5 Pro carefully selects colors to offer an optimal balance of precision vividness, and its 6.7-inch AMOLED screen is capable of providing 100% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space, as well as ensuring perfect calibration. The Find X5 Pro actually received the DisplayMate A + rating, one of the highest prices in the mobile world.

OPPO Find X5 Pro also offers a color calibration with multiple brightnesses. In fact, most smartphones, even those with an excellent quality screen, are designed to perform only at their best at a certain brightness level. Find X5 Pro, on the other hand, is optimized to always achieve maximum performance based on the power of the screen, both indoors and outdoors, offering perfect calibration.

Find X5 Pro is able to vary the brightness of the screen also according to usage contexts and needs. The display can actually guarantee one maximum brightness of 1300 nits, enough to counteract the days when light tends to reduce screen visibility while lowering brightness up to 20 nits in a dark environment, where the too high brightness of the screen can cause visual discomfort. Find X5 Pro is also equipped with the blue light filter, which reduces the amount of blue light emitted from the screen and has 12 brightness adjustment modes that ensure that it is always homogeneous, consistent and pleasing to the eye in all conditions.

Moreover dynamic refresh rate of Find X5 Pro makes this device even more powerful. It can go down up to 1Hz for static content, updating pixels only once per second, or choose to use 60Hz or 120Hz depending on the type of application and the effort required. Changing the refresh rate is also an important feature to save the battery level of the smartphone during the operations that do not require the maximum speed. A low refresh rate actually reduces energy consumption.

Finally OPPO Find X5 Pro supports HDR10 + video and even when the content is not available in HDR, Find X5 Pro’s advanced system allows you to play it in this resolution.

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